Props to Pets

Many articles have been written giving props to pets. If you have a fur baby you probably understand, pets deserve props! They tug at our hearts, make us talk in silly voices, and get us to wallow around playing goofy games.

Other than getting humans to act like, uh – well, animals, what purpose do they serve? Companionship doesn’t begin to describe the great relationship that pets can provide. They teach us how to love selflessly, play persistently, and even make us happier. Studies report that simply stroking a dog has benefits for both the human and the canine because serotonin is released.

My dog makes me want to be a better person. It might seem silly to some, but I’ve learned a lot from my dogs. They help me stay loyal, get me to play when I need it, and sit with me when I’m tired. Those are things that make us happier, healthier people and happier healthy pets, too. ~trvw


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