Zumba for Runners




It can be difficult to get a runner to stray from the sport they so loyally honor. When you do hear of a runner partaking in an alternative activity it’s often cycling, swimming, or trail running. Rarely, will a “real runner” admit to those fluffy group exercise classes. After all, those are for beginner exercisers, right?

Wrong! Here’s why:

1. Never underestimate the power of ANY activity

2. Trying something new works different muscles

3. Moving in new ways challenges the brain

If you’re already a runner or just looking for a fun activity to get moving try Zumba. According to a review on the The Fitness Tribe – group classes can be beneficial because they are generally designed for all fitness levels, it’s a great way to be social and active, and you get to hear great music! Sometimes runners get trapped in their solo sport and forget to loosen up and explore alternative activities just for fun.

Zumba and other group classes can be a fantastic supplement to an athletes main sport. Runners can especially benefit by improving lateral foot work and enhancing coordination by the upper body involvement with the feet. The upbeat, positive energy is rewarding to any fitness fanatic. If you venture out to a class just remember to take it one mile…um, beat at a time. ~trvw

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