Finding Passion

You’ve read it over and over – how important it is to have passion in life. ¬†We are told we will be happier, more productive, and love life if we just live out our passions. There really is truth in needing passion to thrive.

The more we are in touch with what makes us light up and feel happy, the better we can live with¬†confidence and joy. It’s great if the passion can be your full time job. However, do not ignore your passion if it can’t. For example if you love to cycle or run, do it! You might not go pro, but you might be able to work in a bike shop or write about running. Therefore, surrounding yourself with more happiness and passion.

If you don’t know your primary passion, try every thing that interests you and let the fire develop naturally. It will take time. Some people are fortunate to know early in life what drives them and others are blessed with the opportunity to take a scenic route. ~trvw

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