Cool Off At The Pool

Most summers, as kids, we had an inexpensive wading pool to play in. While swimming has never been a strong suit, I’ve always loved playing in the water and dreamed of having a pool someday. I’ve still not graduated to the real thing but I’m getting closer.

A few years back we wrestled with the idea of installing an above ground pool. If done properly, they can look nice and provide the ultimate water fun. After considering the cost of filling and maintaining the pool we opted for an inexpensive, air-up pool. This was the way to go! It was large enough for two adults to float side by side on air mattresses and no need for costly supplies or chemicals.

Sure, it needs to be drained and wiped down every few weeks, but it has been a blast. Not only does it bring out the kid in me, it is a great way to enjoy the sun and relax in the warmth. (With sunscreen applied of course!) If you’re looking for a lot of fun for a little cost this summer, consider one like this: It’s  not just for kids! There’s nothing like soothing water to calm the soul and that’s just another reason that Physical Matters are important. 😉 ~trvw

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