My Body Wellness

Recently attended a local iBody Directory meeting. Each month there is a meet up that serves as an educational and community outreach resource for Southwest Missouri. Holistic healers gather and help provide alternatives to traditional medicine. This is a great way to learn and network for anyone striving to be their own health advocate.

It is often a struggle to find a peaceful balance between modern medicine and holistic alternatives, especially if you experience disease within your body firsthand. For some people, without today’s medical care they could not take on simple daily functions to carry out life.

Be encouraged knowing that seeking alternatives is ok, just as it is ok to use modern medicine. Sometimes it feels like there is a perception that foregoing standard treatments and honing  in on natural therapies is the superior way to manage illness. It takes awareness and knowledge to be the best health advocate that you can be for your body. Never feel bad for striving to find the optimum combination of treatment that allows you to live your very best and balanced life. ~trvw


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