Summer Drought

This has been a harsh summer. Very hot. Fortunately, I’m able to enjoy it as I love the heat. While I’m not pleased that farmers are struggling and the toll that the extreme temperatures are taking can have less than desirable consequences, I am trying to savor the joy that comes with the summer swelter.

The bright sky is beautiful and it’s great to be able to put laundry out to dry. Lemonade tastes better the hotter it is outside and I rarely care for a Popsicle unless there’s the challenge to lick up the drippy treat in record time. Less is more, when it comes to fussing over clothing. I love not needing to layer my clothes because of the frigid chill that has to be blocked in the winter months. If you have ever had an achy joint then you really understand why the warm weather is a blessing. Often, I wonder if warm weather really is the  cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis – or at least the best way to manage the pain.

While the summer of 2012 is spending it’s time in the triple digits, I will continue to embrace the hot madness. If I could bottle it up and use it all winter I would. If I could trade temperatures with you so you could always be cool and I could always be warm, I would. Until the details are worked out on personal climate control, I will smile now and remember to try to be just as joyous when it rains. ~trvw

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