Buying Local

Now that everyone is going green, then next economical stride in the right direction for mother earth seems to be buying local. Right away it sounds like a no brain benefit for helping the community. Naturally people want jobs to come to their town and it always feels less guilty to pay more for a product because they are “buying local” – right?

After a great conversation concerning a new local cafe, I was curious about the “buy local” fad phrase. After scanning two contrary articles, I have summarized my thought process thus far to be this: it’s much like everything…do your homework! Buying local has great benefits but you can be misled as well. Globalization has great benefits, too, and might be getting a bad rap.

The comparison reminds me of the fight between modern and holistic medicine. Sometimes it’s like “green” folks should feel bad for choosing to use modern medicine. While I would love to see more research go toward natural therapies, I am very grateful for the medical advances that we have access to in our country. I am also happy that I am free to research, educate, and select the most balanced choices that help me live a great life and in turn make the world a better place for those that follow and that are here now.~trvw

Please take some time to compare and contrast the ideas about buying local by reviewing these articles:

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