How to Juggle Back To School and a Workout Schedule

It is time for kids to load onto the school bus once again. Parents might love or hate this shift in the schedule. Either way, a shift it is. It can be a challenge to balance everything, but don’t ¬†let it rock your workout boat.

If you are established in a fitness routine then you might just need a bit of reordering as a means to keeping it going. If you have zero workout plan, now is a great time to start! Something is better than nothing – keep that in your mind when tasks take over and you feel overwhelmed. Allow yourself grace, keep doing what you can, and remember that it is only a season.

No matter if you are new to a workout or rescheduling your routine here are a few tips to gain healthy ground.

1. Start small: 10 minutes walking beats 10 minutes laying in bed while waiting for the next snooze alarm to buzz. Progress from there. If you already workout an hour but now need to drop the kids off when your running group takes off – start a new group…they will come. ūüėČ

2. Eat well: keeping your body fueled with fresh veggies and whole food is always helpful. Pack yourself a lunch at the same time as you make your kids lunches, then you have no need to make a fast food stop. You have already made faster, healthier food for you and your kids.

3. Establish a routine: yes ballgames and homework will kink up a super-smooth schedule from time-to-time. However, keeping a general outline of study time, practice/working out, family dinner, bedtime, etc. will help add flexibly in your schedule while still managing to hit on the priorities for you and your family.

Have any tips to add? Please share! ~trvw

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