Simple Organized Savings

Wow, wow, exciting! Today I taught my first seminar for Simple Organized Savings (SOS). It was a test. A way to stretch my comfort zone. While I often speak to thousands of people on a regular basis on 88.3 The Wind, this was different because I could see the faces hearing me. That wasn’t even the hard part.

The difficult part was wondering if I could really make a positive difference in the people sitting in front of me. Could I offer something that they hadn’t already heard? The class was “Whole Health & Wellness”, a topic that I can endlessly consume myself in and often discuss the issues for hours on end. However, put a group of folks in front of a high-strung perfectionist and anxiety is very likely.

The important thing is that I survived and had good feedback. There were a few areas that can be improved but if there hadn’t been something to learn from the experience, I think I would have been more worried. Worried because that could mean that SOS didn’t want me back and that the audience had glossed over in a sea of haze. There were interactions from the group, great questions and comments, and encouraging discussion about the “classes” that I teach “next time”. ~trvw



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