Apples and Cookies

Because I’m a runner I often feel like people either think I don’t ever have dessert or that because I work out I get a free pass to eat all the dessert I want. It can be tempting to want to use the excuse that because, “I’m a runner” I can eat cookies to my hearts content for dessert every night. Sure, they’re made with brown rice flower and
sprinkled with anti-oxidant powered vegan chocolate chip and dates. However, that doesn’t give a green light to gorge.

We’re all human and when the urge strikes to over eat on a treat, try finding an even healthier, less processed alternative. After hitting my cookie limit and still having a need for a sweet bite, I found an apple. Knowing the apple alone would not fix my cookie craving, I sliced a sliver of the apple. Then I dipped it in a mix of peanut butter, chopped dates, and chocolate chips. A few slivers satisfied me and I felt like one smart cookie for eating that apple! ~trvw

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