Sentimental Repair



If you have a race that you like to run every year, you understand the sinking feeling you get when an injury sidelines you. The Azalea half marathon, 5k/10k will hold their event for the 3rd time and the gun will go off without me this time. A peroneal tendonitis flare needs rest and the decision to cut back from the half to either the 5 or 10k was as agonizing as the injury itself. After much rumination, I had to reconcile that being overly sentimental about racing the same event year after year wasn’t worth it. It’s more important┬áto be looking ahead and healing with the guts it takes to rest properly.

If you’re hurt and feeling like a slacker for taking it easy in order to heal, cut yourself some slack and focus on the strong running ahead of you. I look forward to the Azalea again, but want to race it strong – not having the memory of running through agony just to keep a streak going. The sentiment of proper repair will hopefully have a much higher rate of positive return. ~trvw



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