Overuse Abuse


Research has reported that both our minds and bodies will succumb to atrophy if neglected. While it’s a terrifying thought to consider such evidence, there are still people who prefer the couch cushion to a bicycle seat and many that click the remote control to watch the T.V. instead of an ink pen to write a letter. It seems that we might have an overuse injury.

If you’re familiar with fitness jargon, you’ve probably heard about an overuse injury. These occur as a result from a repeated action. Modernization has allowed us to move less with button clicks and made it easier to neglect our noggins. Society is overusing the luxuries and it seems to be causing setbacks in our well-being.

The great news is that the remedy is simple and fast acting. A walk to the mailbox and a word puzzle are easy starts to putting your body and mind in motion. While you might not see the results right away the advantages are happening behind the scenes.

Impatient? Check out this article for 5 Immediate Benefits of Exercise – spoiler, your mind benefits from a work out so it’s like a two-for-one! ~trvw

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