Strive To Be Better

Most people want more from life. Many get an education, work hard, grow a family and hope happiness is the end result. Challenges arise every step of the way. College debt, long hours, and sick kids are just a few of the hurdles that pop up on the road to a blissful life. Of all of the life skills we are taught, some of the most important things are dismissed simply because the people who we expect to teach these lessons are trying to figure them out for themselves. Somehow it became expected that the grown-up had the answers to everything for everyone. They might have been playing it by ear because most adults, or the wiser elders that are honest, have candidly revealed that they don’t know the secret to having it all. Perhaps that’s because having it all is a different portrait for every individual. What makes my mosaic perfection might be a muddled mess to you and vice versa.

Whatever your ideal image of a great life is, there is the need to know the reality of perfection is better suited as simply a guideline that has permission to change. Be sincere with knowing that it is ok to own perfection on a difference scale than another person. Even more important, strive for progress, not perfection. ~trvw

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