To: You From: Me | You Are A Blessing

A new day will begin and sometimes waking up can be rough. A list of things that have to be done might be spinning through your mind and you feel a day late and a dollar short. Take a deep breath and start taking action. The temptation to bury under the covers might tug at you but the sooner you start doing something the better you will feel. It might seem like you have no control over the day. Maybe people at work are telling you what needs to be done and how to do it. Perhaps the kids need help with homework that you can barely figure out and it’s making you feel stupid. It could be that you are having dinner alone again and you long for a meaningful relationship. Take action! Make a list and do something.

If that list is difficult here’s a start – do something for someone else. Take flowers to a friend, email someone to let them know you are thinking about them, hold the door open for people, just do something for someone else and be a blessing – because you are a blessing! When you take time to focus your attention on a few moments of happiness, even for someone else, it can renew your energy. Your problems might not disappear overnight, but for a moment you let someone else escape theirs and probably forgot about yours for a second, too! ~trvw

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