Your Next 24 Hours Matter

When an email came to my inbox about a chance to be part of a launch team for a book about kindness, it had my attention. This wasn’t something that I had been a part of before, but an opportunity to read a book than can change myself and others – for the better – as a result of kindness seemed worth a response. So far it has been easy to read and provides actionable suggestions at the end of each chapter. If you’re ready to up your kindness game, here’s a link to Your Next 24 Hours. It might be a refresher or something brand new for your eyes to see; either way, its timing couldn’t be better with the massive need for compassion in the world we are immersed in right now.

My plan is to update you as I read, as well as get some insight from other readers and share what they are learning from the book. Resources fill bookshelves and blogs about how to get ahead in life. If we succeed and have no one to share the glory with then what’s it all for? We only have today to make each moment as great as we possibly can for someone else.  ~trvw


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