Agency Agreement Sale Of Goods

The review of the termination date of the agreement is also important, as it defines the circumstances that lead to the end of the agreement between you and the agent. For example, termination should be an option if there is: PandaTip: you and your sales agency counterpart can use the fields below to electronically sign this sales agency agreement model. Confidentiality clauses are important because they protect confidential information that is passed on to agents. Sometimes it is necessary to provide an agent with confidential information about a product or service. Think about the confidential information your company has and make sure your agreement adequately limits the disclosure of that information. Sales agency agreements are used when a contractor instructs a sales agent to sell products or services to customers on behalf of the client. Also make sure that your agreement also limits the use of your intellectual property (brands, logos, designs, trade secret patents, etc.). Think about your company`s intellectual property and make sure your agreement describes how and when the agent can use your intellectual property. An exclusive agency agreement means that the agency relationship will only be established with that agent for the sale of goods or services. The exclusive agency may also be limited by geographical location (z.B area). All commissions are calculated based on the net amount of the sale invoiced by the company to the customer. During the duration of this distribution contract, the distribution agency has the right to represent products within the designated territory, including those products under the brand name, copyright or business name of the company. High value information cannot be disclosed to third parties for the duration of this sales agency agreement.

PandaTip: The terms of this model provide all revenue generated by sales to your business, with the exception of commissions to the sales agency. This section of the model defines the nature of these commissions and their method of calculation and payment. A non-exclusive agreement is a general agreement, i.e. You can appoint more than one sales agent and commissions must be paid to the agent who finds a buyer. This and its equivalent to the sale of services cover the simplest agreements in a series of practical and in-depth agreements. PandaTip: This section of the sales agency agreement model describes the process and procedure for sales and post-sale activities, including offers, support and collection of unpaid fees by end-users.

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