Bristow Backstop Commitment Agreement

Through Bristow Group Inc.Bristow Group Inc. is the world`s leading provider of industrial aviation services, providing helicopter transport, search and rescue (SAR) and air support services to government and civilian organizations worldwide. Bristow`s strategically located global fleet supports operations in the North Sea, Nigeria and the Gulf of Mexico; as well as most of the world`s major offshore oil and gas regions, including Australia, Brazil, Canada and Trinidad. Bristow provides SAR services to the private sector worldwide and to the public sector throughout the kingdom on behalf of the Maritime and Coastal Agency. For more information, please visit our website at At the other end of the spectrum, investment funds may decide to invest in newer levels of a company`s capital structure or attempt to exploit what they perceive as an error in contracts or lending firms. These more speculative investments are becoming increasingly popular in slower restructuring markets – such as the current market – where difficult investment opportunities are reduced and yields are more difficult to obtain. In general, achieving a return for this more speculative type of investment often requires funds to apply process tactics. This tactic may be intended to prove a right to other creditors in the capital structure or to obtain excessive recoveries as leverage in a separate global comparison of economic rights. Although empirical, anecdotal difficult to prove, 5 EX-10.1 Appendix 10.1 ABL Facilities Agreement Waiver Request To: BARCLAYS BANK PLC as Agent under the Facilities Agreement (as defined below) and for the Finance Parties under the Facilities Agreement Address: 745 7th Avenue New York NY 10019 Electronic mail address: [email protected] For information from: Komal Ramkirath CAYMAN ISLANDS BRANCH as The Tribunal found that the fees and bonuses made available to the parties in the event of an appeal – including the separate private placement and the allocation mechanisms included in it – were allowed because they did not represent the parties` pre-petition debts in back-stop, but in return for their commitments to return after the petition. As such, section 1123 of the Bankruptcy Act was satisfied because all assimilated creditors were treated in the same way, because they had the opportunity to participate in the offer of preferential rights12 Fertile ground for yields, particularly in recent years, is to support new investments, whether in the form of external capital (for example.

B of DIP and exit financing) or equity. The latter often comes in the form of a preferential rights offer, which allows existing investors to invest in the equity of a company about to exit Chapter 11, often with a (sometimes significant) discount on the value of the business Chapter 11.

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