Learning Agreement Ucm 3

The university offers studies in economics and economics, engineering, law, communication, social sciences and humanities. Several engineering degree degrees have received the EUR-ACE quality certificate. UC3M students are able to do internships through cooperation agreements signed by the university with various companies and organizations. CHANGES to SIGMA that were not previously approved in the Excel and SIGMA model by the IAT are not considered valid or accepted. Example of an Excel contract: E-2020-2021-University Dublin-Marténez Maria- V1.xls It offers a wide range of master`s and bachelor`s programs in English and 20% of students are international students. It is one of the leading universities in Spain and Europe in terms of the number of students participating in the Erasmus student exchange programme. UC3M is part of the YUFE Alliance initiative, one of the networks selected by the European Union for the creation of a European university. . The IAT does not sign paper documents of your contract, but only approves your contract in SIGMA. All required signed documents must be requested from the UC3M International Office. E-2016/17 – UNIVERSITY OF DESTINATION – APELLIDOS AND NAME OF THE STUDENT- DEADLINE indicated by the destination university to send the study contract (if it is a “deadline”) 4. If you receive the apprenticeship agreement signed by the destination university, send it to the UC3M International Office before the start of mobility via Form 4 below. If a response is required before a specific date, explicitly mention the broadcast channel itself.

To choose subjects at the destination university, you must consult the academic offer of this university yourself. You`ll find it in various media, z.B.: Before you send a name to the Excel document, give a name on this model “E-2020-21-University-Lastname and alumno_V1 Name” or “MNE 2020-21-univ-last name and alumno_V1 name” and enter the version number of the document at (V1 first, then V2, V3, …. and so on). Humanist training subjects given outside the study contract during a mobility program thoroughly study the programs of the “eligible” UC3M disciplines and those of the subjects offered at the university of the destination period and choose those related to those of UC3M according to the following criteria: > optional subjects of your curriculum with their diploma and code.

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