Loan Agreement For Artwork

Loaning your art to a museum is usually free. If your art collection is larger than you can display it, lending your artworks is an option before equipping a home storage room or paying for a monthly storage unit. If you need to keep artwork at home, click here to learn more. 2 Yes No Describe the state of work and indicate the defects: Do you want to carry your own insurance? (Please note the conditions printed on the back.) Yes No You provide: a black and white 8×10 photo a 4×5 color transparency If you do not have exclusive rights, identify the current holder: Photographer Credit: Lender Special Instructions: I read and I agree to the Loan art arrangement printed on the back, and confirms that I authorize the owner or agent of the owner to accept. I understand that by signing this agreement, I agree to be bound by all the provisions set out in it. Lenders` signature: Lender`s name and title: Date: Borrower`s signature for institution: name and title by institution: Date: Date: please sign, date and return the loan contract to the institution. ATTORNEY/CLIENT CONTINGENT FEE RETAINER AGREEMENT This document, contract or storage contract (hereafter referred to as the “agreement”) is the written fee contract required by California law 3 A forged copy will be given to you for your registrations. URM-010 Artwork Loan Agreement NSHE Risanagement Revised: 05/2006 2. k M M TERMS AND CONDITIONS GOVERNING ARTWORK LOAN Accord 1. Unless the authorisation is written refused, it goes without saying that the lender authorizes the institution to photograph and reproduce in all media the credits for catalogue publications and for archiving, education and advertising purposes. Unless otherwise stated, the institution grants credit to the lender, as indicated in this agreement in all labels or publications.

If there is more than one work of art that is the subject of this agreement, the information required on page 1 of this agreement must be attached in writing by Lender and incorporated into it for each work of art. The institution assumes no obligation or responsibility in this regard for works of art that are not described as written and required by it. 6 The lender may choose to return the loan at the lenders` expense, including insurance, at the time of the loan termination, by notifying the institution in writing 15 days before the end of the contract. 5. Except in an emergency to obtain the artwork, the artwork will not be cleaned, restored or modified without the lender`s written consent, unless the lender is notified by telephone and in writing in case of emergency.

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