One Housing Tenancy Agreement

As a general rule, they must be able to meet certain conditions in order to award them a lease agreement in these circumstances. Contact housing Rights for advice if you think this situation applies to you. If you rent a housing company and share a bathroom, living room or kitchen with other people who are not part of your household, you may be a precarious tenant. An uncertain lease may be a licensing agreement rather than a lease agreement. Your rights depend a lot on what they say in your contract, so make sure you keep a copy. A secure lease is a lifetime lease, which was issued mainly between 1989 and 2011. It offers similar rights for a secure lease. A secure lease agreement is now only granted: part of your occupancy rights depends on the nature of the lease, for example. B of a guaranteed or secure rental right. This is because the law gives you and your landlord different rights depending on the type of lease you have. Most of your rights and obligations as a tenant are explained in your rental agreement, which is a legally binding contract. It is therefore important that you understand what the lease says and that you remain asked to explain it to you if you are not sure what that means. You can get legal advice if you have a dispute with your landlord about your lease.

Safe tenants can only be evacuated if the housing company receives a court order. She can apply for a court order if it is called a transfer. Your housing company sometimes allows you to transfer your lease to someone else if you can no longer live there. This can happen if you abandon your property without properly terminating your lease, you are still responsible for paying rent to the landlord as well as your other obligations under the tenancy agreement. Your landlord can also take over the property, remove all possessions you have left and charge you for it, as well as for ongoing repairs. Information about mutual exchanges and what to do if you terminate your lease with us. Every rent you charge is part of your income. If you receive benefits, you must notify your tenant`s social security service. You must also tell the housing executive how much rent you will receive if you apply for the housing allowance. The amount of benefits you receive will likely be reduced depending on your tenants. You can only transfer your lease to someone else if you have a court decision (for example.

B in the context of divorce proceedings) or with the written permission of your landlord, if the rental conditions permit (for example. B by reciprocal assignment or to a qualified successor). We could offer you suitable alternative accommodation if we finish your rent, because: The housing company will generally only seek to distribute you if there is a problem with your lease; how you didn`t pay your rent or caused problems with the neighbors. Importing tenants can be evacuated as long as you are a new tenant and you do not change another council or housing company, you will probably receive a start-up rental agreement.

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