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Surprise!!! Motivation to Weigh Right Now!

melindaIn the last post titled Weigh Right Now I suggested that one way to keep motivated was to study up on how other people make life changes.  This is a picture of Melinda. Don’t let the adorable smile fool you, she is not a model or advertising for any products. It’s merely a photo of her progress. I’ve known Melinda for several years and she’s always enjoyed being active.  We’ve cycled together and been on nature walks, too. Like many young women she faced obstacles to stay on the fitness track as she went about living her life.

The details of life, including moving, injuries, budgets, and work, created  issues that sometimes got in the way of a fitness routine. Melinda was determined to get fit for a healthy life. She is the kind of person that likes to be healthy so she can do the activities that she enjoys, not to be the skinnest girl in the room.

When Melinda e-mailed her picture titled “Surprise”, I could feel her enthusisam. I asked her if I could use the picture in hopes to encourage other people. I have also asked her to share some notes with readers about her weightloss. Her scheldule is pretty packed, workouts are a priority – but she promises to share some of her tips soon. She keeps saying, “I feel great!” I want other people to feel the same excitement.

If you have questions for Melinda about her success please e-mail If you have suggestions that have worked for you please share. Inspiration is for every body! -pm

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The Gym Is Where Your Heart Pumps


It might surprise many when I suggest that you don’t go to a gym. Read closely, don’t GO to a gym. DO make a home gym where you can workout anytime you like. Gyms have their benefits. They own and maintain bulky equipment, they have trainers on-site, classes where you can sweat it out together. However, the benefits of having access to fitness equipment at home might fit into your lifestyle better. You don’t have to fuss with packing a change of clothes, you can put the drive time into the workout, no waiting for the elliptical or the 10 lb. bells, less self-consciousness, and more money in your pocket to put toward your own equipment.  Many people have a tight schedule and excess time to workout is valuable. Putting the fitness arena in the place you go everyday is probably going to be used more than if it’s across town from where you rarely want to go. ~trvw

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TRLTW at The Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K

This was the second year for Team Run Like The Wind to participate in the Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K. Last year the course was an out and back, flat, easy, and felt fast. I was excited to run the scenic course again. However, the winding road raised safety concerns forcing Ozark Racing Systems to design a new route. The rumors about how the 2017 route would be a “loop-de-loop” sounded like a recipe for confusion. To my pleasant surprise, it was fun!

The directional changes were just enough to move the race along so it didn’t feel long and drawn out. There was still a feeling of quickness to the course and runners like that! It was a little more challenging with more hills and turns to add to the adventure, but they were manageable even if you hadn’t been doing hill repeats on your training runs.

The post race comradery was great. Happy runners wore their finishers medals, gulped cold water, munched pancakes, and some crunched Pickle-Ice. Proceeds benefited Care-To-Learn Ozark, Children’s Smile Center, and Freedom’s Rest. Looking forward to seeing how we all waddle through the event in 2018! ~trvw


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Something Can Happen

When you don’t know what to do, do something. It’s the only way to make things happen. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but taking action will help you gain ground on your goals.

Need a start? Write down one thing you want to happen in your life (even if it’s crazy), one solution to make it happen (even if it’s crazy), then take a walk (even if it’s five minutes). You might be surprised that you write more, walk longer, or have more ideas than you thought at first.

If you go through the motions and still feel stuck, it’s ok. The idea is to just do something. Get your brain and body moving and something more can happen for you. ~trvw

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Relationship Resolution

I had the pleasant surprise of bumping into some friends the other day. It was a bright spot in my day and reminded me of the importance of face-to-face get togethers. Facebook and emailing is great for keeping in touch, but taking even a quick break to meet up in person is refreshing.

A dear friend and I try to catch up one day a week. It’s hard! It doesn’t always work out, but we try. The times we do get together are great because we get to laugh, talk, and share facial expressions that an emoticon can’t capture.

There are other friends that I need to start making regular appointments with, too. It will be difficult since we are all busy, but it’s important. Healthy relationships are as much a part of whole wellness as nutrition and exercise. A resolution to nourish a relationship is as imperative as a resolution to get fit, now is the perfect time to make the commitment. ~trvw

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Podcast 5: iPad 2 and Smart Fitness

The iPad 2 is set to premier this Friday, March 11, 2011. For months I have been debating the purchase of such a lavish expense. I’ve held off on frivolous buys, weighed the pros & cons of readers vs. tablets, and think that I am ready to take the plunge. Mostly because of how much more productive I feel that my Smartphone – iPhone more specifically – has made me.

For the longest time I resisted getting an iPhone. It frustrated me how many fees were required to own and operate the gadget. After my unsatisfying relationship with prior phones and electronic organizers I had all the aggravation that I could handle. I was surprised with the gift of my first iPhone.

Now I use the iPhone 4 and absolutely love it. In all fairness, I considered an Android at one upgrade just because I like the phone providers to appreciate my business and make a competitive product – and Android certainly has done just that. Since I wasn’t in the mood for any type of learning curve, I stuck with what I knew.

No matter which phone you use, you are probably familiar with Apps. There are apps for everyone and everything – it’s amazing. They are useful, entertaining, educational, and even athletic! The fitness apps are a health-nuts best buddy. They can motivate you, help you stay on track by logging your workouts, offer great exercises that can stand alone or supplement your favorite workout.

Because I like my phone apps so much, I’m very excited to see what is offered on the iPad 2. While I really enjoy them I’m not one to actively involve my phone into my workout. I usually read the tips and apply them later, or use the log post run. However, I do know people that rely on the timer, use the guides for lifting reps and sets, and do an entire workout from the instruction of the app.

This brings me to wonder, how has the latest technology changed your life? Are you happier with it? Does it make you more productive? Are you fitter? Besides the Smartphone craze, are there other gadgets that help you get through your day? If so what are they and how is it making you a better, more whole person? -trvw

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Race Postponed?!

startlineRemember Melinda…the Surprise weight loss picture and article? She’s really into running and calls me occasionally for running tips. It really flatters me that somebody wants my fitness advice so I always make an effort to get back to her in a timely manner.

She called me the day before her half-marathon, but not because she was nervous – she was a tad ticked off. The weather forecast was calling for snowy conditions and the race had been postponed one week. “What do I do?!” she wondered.

If your race get’s pushed out don’t panic. One week difference won’t hurt you. If it’s much more than that you’ll still be fine – you just need to adjust a bit. The nervous tension (and agression you have because your training got jerked around) can be laid out on the road. My suggestion for running is to run light and easy, enough to let out some pent up energy. Don’t do a race, store up the energy and don’t risk the energy.

Forget about timing these training runs but instead just focus on keeping limber and pumped up for the real run. As the week moves closer try lower impact exercises like the EFX (elliptical) just to maintain. Continue to taper like it was the former week and keep a positive focus.

If your race got pushed out more than a week, try to go back to the same point from your training schedule and follow the miles and taper. However, if the race is too far out you might be better off to sign up for another one to avoid over-training. Good Luck!!! -pm

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5 Steps to Weigh Right Now

jumpThe title “Weigh Right Now” was better than “Weigh Less Now”. It’s best to weigh what is right for you. It may mean weighing more for some people, less for others, or maintaining for another group. Making a lifestyle change requires goals, action, and motivation helps too. Many people get discouraged because the results take a while to achieve. However, you can have some instant gratification. Decide to commit to improve and start living now to weigh right, now!

Don’t look at how much weight you need to gain or lose to make your goal, not if it discourages you. Get excited that you are beginning at this very moment to research, commit, and revise your lifestyle. When you take steps to reach your goals then it makes it easier to keep going. Even small steps are steps. Feel good now, not x # of pounds from now. 

Make the most of the life and body that you have today and do everything you can to make it better in the days to come. Study up on how other people make lifestyle changes – I’ll be posting a motivating lifestyle story Tuesday. In the meantime here are 5 steps that help you weigh right, now!

1. Write down your goals

2. Read tips on how other people make change

3. Schedule your next exercise appointment – plan it somewhere in the next 3 days.

4. Recruit support – get someone to cheer you on. Cheer them on too.

5. Act now! Don’t finish the junk food – toss it out…Now.

Changing how you structure your lifestyle is not a bad thing. Some people progress with smaller steps and others like a big overhaul. Try different things, but remember you are trying to make a change that you can keep up. If it’s miserable then you won’t commit. You want to change so you can have a happier, fun life. The change doesn’t have to be a boring, waiting game. Get going now. -pm


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Milk is for Babies

You might be surprised to learn that the vegan diet is not unheard of to many top performing athletes. Here’s a quick list from wikipedia:

Many people are afraid of what they might be giving up if they commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Surprisingly, many find that they discover a way of living and eating that they were missing out on. Recovery fuel is very important after a workout. Several athletes turn to sports drinks to replace electrolytes and restore glycogen that gets depleted during activity. For a while milk was campaigning that it was the perfect way to recharge after a workout. It’s not.  Nor is it a prime selection for the average human being.  Just for a moment, forget everything that you’ve been brought up believing about milk.  Now think about your strong, energetic dog who can play fetch endlessly without growing as tired as your pitching arm.  When Fido was a puppy he drank milk from his mother.  The puppy drank dog’s milk; not cat’s milk, not cow’s milk, or any other milk produced by any other animal. Once Fido grows out of the puppy stage and can safely survive without his mothers milk then he gets his nutrition from solid food sources and when he is thirsty – yep, water.  No, he doesn’t go seeking out any milk sources from any other living being.

Then same goes for all animals.  Babies need their mothers milk, but beyond that they survive and thrive without milk products. Milk allergies are actually very common in adults. The idea that a person’s nutrition or sports performancde will suffer with out milk is a false notion.  There are plenty of nutrients in the fresh diet that athletes and active people should be consuming.  Check out the Vegan Athlete for ideas.  Vegetarian Sports Nutrition is a book that suggests meal plans for activities ranging from endurance sports to bodybuilding.  Even if you are not wanting to go vegan, variety it the spice of life.  Please your palate with something new and don’t be afraid to question what and why you put something into your body.  Just because it’s been done for decades doesn’t mean it has to be done anymore. Viva vegan, viva happy! -pm

“When you have no restrictions you have less options” -David T. Wilcox on being vegan.

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