Dealing with Doubt


Doubt will take any chance it can to cause you to question what you’re trying to do. At the end of a busy week an attempt at a long run might make you wonder how you can ever complete twice the distance in a race. That’s why it’s called training. We are dealing with the doubt that tries to keep us from reaching our dreams. Do deal with it. Let it train you to know that the journey to the goal isn’t going to be easy, but once you know this and keep pushing to the finish you can appreciate your ability to make things happen…even when you are not 100% sure of the outcome. ~trvw

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Resolutions Really Work

20130113-093259.jpgIt was surprising to see a TV promo the other day where Dr. Oz said he loved the idea of making resolutions. He claimed, “About half the people who make New Year’s resolutions will be successful or will still be on them in six months.” Even if you’re skeptical, give it a try. There’s only strength to gain and bad habits to loose. The most important thing to remember is that you do not need the calendar to say “January 1” in order to set a goal or make a resolution. Now is always the perfect time to improve your health. ~trvw

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Jump Start January 2013

Now is as good a time as any to define your goals for the new year. Especially when it comes to health and fitness goals. Do you want to train for a 10K or establish a workout routine that you can maintain? Grab a pen and paper, write it down, then do it!

Allow yourself time to experiment with exercises, time of day, gyms vs. home, try all the things that you need to do so you can find out what works for you. Research on the Internet, in the library, wherever you to can to gain motivation and information to help you gain ground. Keep notes and track your progress.

Beginning now will give you a jump start on forming good habits. Keep moving forward. Small is better than not at all! ~trvw

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Nourishing You And Yours


Nourishing yourself has benefits beyond your initial consideration. When you eat well and exercise, your mental focus improves. Your mood improves and the people around you get inspired by your desire to live the best life you can. Your kids will practice the lifestyle that you are living out daily; don’t you want them to mirror healthy habits? Nourish you and yours with rich health and wellness and the benefits will flourish. ~trvw

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Something Can Happen

When you don’t know what to do, do something. It’s the only way to make things happen. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but taking action will help you gain ground on your goals.

Need a start? Write down one thing you want to happen in your life (even if it’s crazy), one solution to make it happen (even if it’s crazy), then take a walk (even if it’s five minutes). You might be surprised that you write more, walk longer, or have more ideas than you thought at first.

If you go through the motions and still feel stuck, it’s ok. The idea is to just do something. Get your brain and body moving and something more can happen for you. ~trvw

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Mindful Motivation

Goals are fantastic because they give us something to strive toward. As we work to achieve the milestone there can be an element of fear that takes the joy away from the journey. The sooner we realize that the idea of failure is subjective, the better we can concentrate on gaining ground to our goal in a pleasant state of mind. ~trvw

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A Little Bit of Healthy

20120930-091854.jpgIf getting healthy seems overwhelming and you don’t feel like you will ever be able to do it, break it down. A tiny step is still a step. Little changes add up to big results.

For your diet, instead of overhauling your pantry simply decide to learn how to read nutrition labels. This will help with your next step of making better choices when buying food to stock your shelves at home. Make it a priority to understand those food labels.

Exercise a challenge? Start by getting up 5 minutes earlier. Do crunches and push ups for 5 minutes and go on with your day. Add minutes and exercises every day until you have a regular routine that is yielding healthy results.

You can do this. It’s all about getting into a manageable routine. Who cares if you just did 5 minutes of cardio? It’s darn better than not doing 5 minutes of cardio! A little bit can add up to a lot if you let it. ~trvw

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Work For Your Health

We spend a of time at work, working, “earning our keep”. The happier you are at your job, the more likely your health is to thrive overall. Finding a passion that pays the bills can be a challenge, but might also be the healthiest thing you will ever do for yourself.

When you find the work that suits you, not only will it seem like you are hardly ever “working” but you will exude positive energy that you can build upon. A tired, depressed employee lacks the desire to be innovative and merely drags through the day. A happy, respected co-worker will be eager to create and deliver above and beyond.

Whether you are a manager or subordinate, creating and operating in a  nurturing environment will encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle. If your job is lacking in fulfilling your needs (yes, a healthy lifestyle is a necessity) start forming a plan to get out of there and seek, until you find, a place where you are happy to call your job “work”. ~trvw

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Talk Nice To Yourself

Recently, someone said to me that they need to start their 5K training and laughed that they were being “fat and lazy” about it. This was coming from a person who has recently lost a noticeable amount of weight, is eating healthy, and a known hard worker.  Now, I realize that it meant to be a joke and I’m the first to be guilty about poking fun at myself. However, if we are not careful those little voices can become big shouts that our hearts start to believe when our brains think we’re just joking.

Self talk is extremely important if we hope to be effective people in not only our own lives, but in the lives of those around us. It doesn’t have to be done in a conceited manner, nor should it be self-deprecating. People are listening and so is your heart. Make the words encouraging.

While I have been guilty of saying things about myself that I shouldn’t, one thing I have NEVER EVER let play in my head is that I am “crippled” (it pains me to type the word for demonstration purpose alone). My point is that while I fight a “crippling disease” I refuse to see myself that way. Instead, I will let such words to play over and over in my head like, “I’m a fighter”, “I can find another way”, or “all things possible…”.

It does take practice, but do say good things to yourself. Let others around you know that they are worthy of positive self speak because they hear you do it. The results will impress you. ~trvw

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