Stop Waiting To Start

Planning has its purpose in life. Many tasks would simply not get finished if there was not a plan in place. However, are you letting the idea of a perfect plan prevent you from starting something? If you are wanting to start eating better, start a work out routine, or any other project – begin now! Start with one small step and you have already begun. Now, keep adding to the progress and in the time it would have taken to make another excuse, you will have already made a milestone. ~trvw



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Buying Local

Now that everyone is going green, then next economical stride in the right direction for mother earth seems to be buying local. Right away it sounds like a no brain benefit for helping the community. Naturally people want jobs to come to their town and it always feels less guilty to pay more for a product because they are “buying local” – right?

After a great conversation concerning a new local cafe, I was curious about the “buy local” fad phrase. After scanning two contrary articles, I have summarized my thought process thus far to be this: it’s much like everything…do your homework! Buying local has great benefits but you can be misled as well. Globalization has great benefits, too, and might be getting a bad rap.

The comparison reminds me of the fight between modern and holistic medicine. Sometimes it’s like “green” folks should feel bad for choosing to use modern medicine. While I would love to see more research go toward natural therapies, I am very grateful for the medical advances that we have access to in our country. I am also happy that I am free to research, educate, and select the most balanced choices that help me live a great life and in turn make the world a better place for those that follow and that are here now.~trvw

Please take some time to compare and contrast the ideas about buying local by reviewing these articles:

Sustainable Connections

The Bollard

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Olympics 2012 Motivation

Typically, the Olympic games are very motivating. They encourage athletes and couch taters alike to want to be better physically and mentally. However, the fuss this year with unsportsmanlike conduct, battles in the social media world, and complaints with how the networks are broadcasting the events can be enough to make the strongest willed person want to throw in the towel.

Times are always going to be changing and there will always be something to create controversy. Our will may be rattled but we must not let our spirit be crushed. Hop the hurdles, roll with the punches, and persevere because the one sure thing is change.

When you see your motivation lacking, let that be the exact reason you push forward. Challenges will creep into every nook and cranny of our lives. Fight the good fight and always keep trying! ~trvw


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My Body Wellness

Recently attended a local iBody Directory meeting. Each month there is a meet up that serves as an educational and community outreach resource for Southwest Missouri. Holistic healers gather and help provide alternatives to traditional medicine. This is a great way to learn and network for anyone striving to be their own health advocate.

It is often a struggle to find a peaceful balance between modern medicine and holistic alternatives, especially if you experience disease within your body firsthand. For some people, without today’s medical care they could not take on simple daily functions to carry out life.

Be encouraged knowing that seeking alternatives is ok, just as it is ok to use modern medicine. Sometimes it feels like there is a perception that foregoing standard treatments and honing  in on natural therapies is the superior way to manage illness. It takes awareness and knowledge to be the best health advocate that you can be for your body. Never feel bad for striving to find the optimum combination of treatment that allows you to live your very best and balanced life. ~trvw


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Freedom Run

Many runners will line up to run for an Independence Day race. Locally, there is an annual Freedom Run to celebrate the special time of year as well as raise funds to benefit a women’s center. The words “freedom” and “run” are powerful enough to provide a spark of energy that you can use any time of the year.

We have the freedom to run. Often it’s concerning that people think that you must fit a particular criteria in order to march out the door and pound a little pavement. On one hand, it is quite an honor for a non-runner to think that “crazy runners” have special powers that allow us to drive our legs down the roads of fitness bliss. However, it’s not an exclusive feat that is withheld from the curious few. All you need is the interest and dedication, because you already have the freedom to run. ~trvw

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Power of Compliments

Kind words are almost always appreciated and can certainly make an impression on a person. Flattery is fun but sincere remarks are the words that help encourage someone. It takes a strong person to step out of her comfort zone and recognize another for their note worthy characteristic. People of strength pulling up others will make the world unbreakable. ~trvw

Was the last compliment one that you gave or got?

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National Running Day


Runners never need a reason to hit the road but if there is extra incentive to get in a run then celebrating National Running Day is just the one. The day is dedicated to being fitter and healthier. Hopefully you can get a fun, enjoyable run in as a way to celebrate the affair. Happy National Running Day! Here’s a link to keep the party going even after you have to come to a stop: . Happy running. ~trvw

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Little Matters with a Big Guy


A quick bite with my husband was a fun moment we shared the other day. We don’t eat out much, so when we had a rare opportunity to try some tasty vegan food at a Whole Foods market we decided to seize the moment. We grabbed a spot by a big window, shared our dishes and took in the brief but happy moment. Seek them and they will be there. ~trvw

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Little Matters in Running

Last weekend I had one of those races that make running one of those amazing blessings worth recognizing. The weather was right, my legs felt strong, and my husband supported me by handing me water along the way. It was one of those days that spilled into the whole weekend with joy. Gratitude for running in my life is paramount and I’m thankful for it every day. ~trvw


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