Little Matters In A Park

Sunday walks are special. My husband and I take our dogs out early and try to avoid our usual route. The pups enjoy the new smells an it’s nice to stroll and chat. This time we noticed some new signs in our park that noted a piece of history. The Trail of Tears traveled though the little community park near our home. It was neat to have the protected property showcased with signs to educate us about the past and the park. Just a Little Matter worth highlighting from my life! ~trvw


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Happy Earth Day

To honor the day, I went the extra mile to help out an eight legged cohort of earth. The little spider pictured was looking crusty as it hid behind my kettlebells this morning. I picked it up to toss it in the trash and it moved. Just a little so I figured it was muscle memory. Then it wiggled more so I felt the need to give it a fighting chance. I took it to the deck, offered it a fly meal and hoped for the best. All we can do in this world is give help and then hope. Happy Earth Day! ~trvw


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Life’s Little Matters

Just picked up “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and I’m only on page two but already inspired. My husband and I have much appreciation for the little things in life like a warm, sunny day, a walk with our dogs, and dinner on the deck. I think we could give respect to such occasions by writing about them and documenting them with a short video clip or picture. Stay tuned as we share our own happiness project with you and perhaps we will all flourish by giving props to the little matters in life. ~trvw

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Fitness vs. Common Cold

Being sick is not fun and frustrating because there is a lot to get done in a single day! Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are often so dedicated to their workouts that when a cold infects us, we take it as a personal attack on the level of progress we have worked so hard to gain. With quick recognition and rebuttal with rest, good nutrition, and a few workout adjustments you can retain your fabulous fitness level and be ready to get stronger than ever before. ~trvw

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Props to Pets

Many articles have been written giving props to pets. If you have a fur baby you probably understand, pets deserve props! They tug at our hearts, make us talk in silly voices, and get us to wallow around playing goofy games.

Other than getting humans to act like, uh – well, animals, what purpose do they serve? Companionship doesn’t begin to describe the great relationship that pets can provide. They teach us how to love selflessly, play persistently, and even make us happier. Studies report that simply stroking a dog has benefits for both the human and the canine because serotonin is released.

My dog makes me want to be a better person. It might seem silly to some, but I’ve learned a lot from my dogs. They help me stay loyal, get me to play when I need it, and sit with me when I’m tired. Those are things that make us happier, healthier people and happier healthy pets, too. ~trvw


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Start Running and It’s Yours to Keep

I’m thinking about running – I mean it’s on my mind right now. My bookshelf is stacked with references to the topic. My relationship with running is one that I nurture and respect. It’s all my own. No one can do it for me and no one can take the credit for the outcome but me. Like any relationship, the more time you give to it, the more it can develop into something wonderful. Give it a fair chance and it might give back more than you ever expected. ~trvw

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YouTube for Fitness

Need a fitness refresher? Check out YouTube! It’s a great resource for cardio, lifting, yoga, Pilates, and more. Take some time to view a few videos and mark them so they are ready for quick access.

Found some that you want to share, comment please. Have a great workout! ~trvw

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Change a Thought

The alarm screams for you to get out of bed, time for another strenuous workout, and then drag yourself to cube farm central for the next eight plus hours.


The beep of the alarm reminds you there is another chance to make an impact on the world today, you get to move your body with exercise and strengthen your muscles, and then go to a job that you were hired for because you are capable.

Change a thought, change an action. Either is up to you. ~trvw

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Keep Trying

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, an outcome is less than our expectations. This is the best time to keep trying. This is not failure, but opportunity to learn and overcome obstacles. Fight, learn, overcome! (repeat) ~trvw


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Relationship Resolution

I had the pleasant surprise of bumping into some friends the other day. It was a bright spot in my day and reminded me of the importance of face-to-face get togethers. Facebook and emailing is great for keeping in touch, but taking even a quick break to meet up in person is refreshing.

A dear friend and I try to catch up one day a week. It’s hard! It doesn’t always work out, but we try. The times we do get together are great because we get to laugh, talk, and share facial expressions that an emoticon can’t capture.

There are other friends that I need to start making regular appointments with, too. It will be difficult since we are all busy, but it’s important. Healthy relationships are as much a part of whole wellness as nutrition and exercise. A resolution to nourish a relationship is as imperative as a resolution to get fit, now is the perfect time to make the commitment. ~trvw

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