The Gym Is Where Your Heart Pumps


It might surprise many when I suggest that you don’t go to a gym. Read closely, don’t GO to a gym. DO make a home gym where you can workout anytime you like. Gyms have their benefits. They own and maintain bulky equipment, they have trainers on-site, classes where you can sweat it out together. However, the benefits of having access to fitness equipment at home might fit into your lifestyle better. You don’t have to fuss with packing a change of clothes, you can put the drive time into the workout, no waiting for the elliptical or the 10 lb. bells, less self-consciousness, and more money in your pocket to put toward your own equipment.  Many people have a tight schedule and excess time to workout is valuable. Putting the fitness arena in the place you go everyday is probably going to be used more than if it’s across town from where you rarely want to go. ~trvw

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TRLTW at The Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K

This was the second year for Team Run Like The Wind to participate in the Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K. Last year the course was an out and back, flat, easy, and felt fast. I was excited to run the scenic course again. However, the winding road raised safety concerns forcing Ozark Racing Systems to design a new route. The rumors about how the 2017 route would be a “loop-de-loop” sounded like a recipe for confusion. To my pleasant surprise, it was fun!

The directional changes were just enough to move the race along so it didn’t feel long and drawn out. There was still a feeling of quickness to the course and runners like that! It was a little more challenging with more hills and turns to add to the adventure, but they were manageable even if you hadn’t been doing hill repeats on your training runs.

The post race comradery was great. Happy runners wore their finishers medals, gulped cold water, munched pancakes, and some crunched Pickle-Ice. Proceeds benefited Care-To-Learn Ozark, Children’s Smile Center, and Freedom’s Rest. Looking forward to seeing how we all waddle through the event in 2018! ~trvw


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TRLTW at the Festival for Life 5K


Spring is morphing into summer and that’s fine by me. It’s nice to wake up race day and know shorts and a tank top will be enough. No need to haul gloves, ear coverage, and all that “just in case” gear that we typically carry year-round in the Ozarks. The Festival for Life 5K benefiting Relay for Life – Springfield, MO was a well done race that Team Run Like The Wind was proud to attend.

The course was laid out well even with the last minute reroute that they were forced to make due to a road closure. Friendly and knowledgeable race directors and volunteers always make a race experience great and that was present. It’s clear that ActNow Racing continues to care about the running community and event crews by the impeccable service they provide race after race. It’s a privilege to be part of events like the Festival of Life 5K and behalf of TRLTW, thank you for what you do for the Ozarks! ~trvw


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TRLTW Run To The Edge 5K

As the running community continues to grow in the Ozarks, so does the number of races on the calendar. It’s nothing to see several events competing for runners’ registrations in a single weekend, when compared to a decade ago you could count the number of races in the area on one hand.  That means it’s a fantastic time to be a runner but difficult, too, when we have to pick from our favorites because they end up on the same day. Last year Team Run Like The Wind was able to be at the Cox Medical Mile event but this year we checked out the Run To The Edge 5K that benefited the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield, MO.

This race was well supported with volunteers at every turn and measured out exactly at 3.1 miles per my Garmin. They had a festival of fun happening in downtown Springfield with the Over the Edge fundraiser where you could watch rappelling from the Sky Eleven building after the race. Hopefully this event will continue to grow and bring awareness and support for a worthy cause. It was great to have Team Run Like The Wind there and perhaps next year there will be an even larger representation of the running community. ~trvw

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Food for Sore Muscles

Image result for dried tart cherries free images


Tart cherries were not particularly on my radar until one day, several years ago,  I read how they have pain reducing properties. Since then, they have become a staple to be tossed in with the rest of my salad. Knowing how food can react in our bodies is very beneficial. If you train hard and endure sore muscles from time-to-time, you might appreciate this list of 9 Home Remedies For Sore Muscles by Runtastic.  Most of the suggestions are probably things you fuel up on already but knowing the ailment relief they provide can allow you to know when to use them to your benefit.  Stay active and stay feeling great! ~trvw

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Fitness Review of the Simply Fit Board

The words, “As Seen On TV” might raise a red flag for many consumers. Many items are under par when it comes to satisfaction. When the Simply Fit Board was on the shelves of Walmart I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Difficult workouts are a turn off for me. If I can’t do something from the get-go then I’m not very likely to stick with it. Especially when it comes to needing to fit an effective workout into my day. This board was interesting since I had been seeing commercials about it and then noticed it in stores. It isn’t too often that I will open up my wallet to buy fitness equipment that might do nothing more than collect dust.

The Simply Fit Board (SFB) impressed me! Unlike a BOSU ball, which is known for working the core, it was easy to get on and use. A BOSU ball is great, don’t get me wrong – I have and use one. However, there are still times where I feel like I have baby deer legs when I try to get balanced on it. The SFB was simple to get balanced on and easy to use. They provide an instructional DVD, user guide, YouTube videos, and are easy to find on social media. The SFB also holds up to 400 lbs.! A BOSU ball that is 25 inches in diameter holds about 350 lbs.

Even though the core work comparison between the SFB and the BOSU ball are noteworthy, the SFB is both great for a whole body workout and is at a reasonable price-point. The one I purchased was $39.88 at my local Walmart. The videos do demo the workouts using weights. These are not necessary but I would recommend light dumbbells with the exercises. I used 3 lb. weights.  If you are looking for a low-impact full body workout I think you will be pleased with this sturdy little board. It will get your heart rate up, it’s versatile, and a great way to get cardio and strength exercise. ~trvw

Listen to a user testimony from David. He is a male who works out approximately six days a week and tried the SFB.

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Don’t Go Bananas


Fried foods are not typically on the healthy list or something I enjoy. When my husband experimented with a recipe for plantain I was open to try it. Then when these little fried slices were in front of me I was more reluctant to ingest it than in the beginning. The plantain was fried in a bit of coconut oil and then dusted with cinnamon. They were a starchy delight! If you are training for a long distance race you might try these little treats. Coconut oil is full of beneficial fats that the body uses resourcefully and it’s just enough to crisp the fruit without a greasy film.  It’s nice to have alternative fuel for those long hauls. Happy eating, training, and living! ~trvw

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Going Forward

Movement in the physical sense is important to keep limber and healthy. Emotionally, it’s just as much a priority. Becoming stagnant by not allowing feelings to be felt can limit mobility. Growth happens when even the uncomfortable strides are addressed and surpassed. Petals move from a closed position to an open state. Bloom from the inside out! ~trvw

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Size Is Irrelevant

stopdoWhen it comes to making improvements in your life, what strides – even if small – do you take? If the only time you lift your foot up to move it forward is when the step can be big and bold, why is that? Small efforts deserve credit and attention because they can build into big things. ~trvw #BeBetter


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Sentimental Repair



If you have a race that you like to run every year, you understand the sinking feeling you get when an injury sidelines you. The Azalea half marathon, 5k/10k will hold their event for the 3rd time and the gun will go off without me this time. A peroneal tendonitis flare needs rest and the decision to cut back from the half to either the 5 or 10k was as agonizing as the injury itself. After much rumination, I had to reconcile that being overly sentimental about racing the same event year after year wasn’t worth it. It’s more important to be looking ahead and healing with the guts it takes to rest properly.

If you’re hurt and feeling like a slacker for taking it easy in order to heal, cut yourself some slack and focus on the strong running ahead of you. I look forward to the Azalea again, but want to race it strong – not having the memory of running through agony just to keep a streak going. The sentiment of proper repair will hopefully have a much higher rate of positive return. ~trvw



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