The Gym Is Where Your Heart Pumps


It might surprise many when I suggest that you don’t go to a gym. Read closely, don’t GO to a gym. DO make a home gym where you can workout anytime you like. Gyms have their benefits. They own and maintain bulky equipment, they have trainers on-site, classes where you can sweat it out together. However, the benefits of having access to fitness equipment at home might fit into your lifestyle better. You don’t have to fuss with packing a change of clothes, you can put the drive time into the workout, no waiting for the elliptical or the 10 lb. bells, less self-consciousness, and more money in your pocket to put toward your own equipment.  Many people have a tight schedule and excess time to workout is valuable. Putting the fitness arena in the place you go everyday is probably going to be used more than if it’s across town from where you rarely want to go. ~trvw

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TRLTW at The Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K

This was the second year for Team Run Like The Wind to participate in the Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K. Last year the course was an out and back, flat, easy, and felt fast. I was excited to run the scenic course again. However, the winding road raised safety concerns forcing Ozark Racing Systems to design a new route. The rumors about how the 2017 route would be a “loop-de-loop” sounded like a recipe for confusion. To my pleasant surprise, it was fun!

The directional changes were just enough to move the race along so it didn’t feel long and drawn out. There was still a feeling of quickness to the course and runners like that! It was a little more challenging with more hills and turns to add to the adventure, but they were manageable even if you hadn’t been doing hill repeats on your training runs.

The post race comradery was great. Happy runners wore their finishers medals, gulped cold water, munched pancakes, and some crunched Pickle-Ice. Proceeds benefited Care-To-Learn Ozark, Children’s Smile Center, and Freedom’s Rest. Looking forward to seeing how we all waddle through the event in 2018! ~trvw


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TRLTW Run To The Edge 5K

As the running community continues to grow in the Ozarks, so does the number of races on the calendar. It’s nothing to see several events competing for runners’ registrations in a single weekend, when compared to a decade ago you could count the number of races in the area on one hand.  That means it’s a fantastic time to be a runner but difficult, too, when we have to pick from our favorites because they end up on the same day. Last year Team Run Like The Wind was able to be at the Cox Medical Mile event but this year we checked out the Run To The Edge 5K that benefited the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield, MO.

This race was well supported with volunteers at every turn and measured out exactly at 3.1 miles per my Garmin. They had a festival of fun happening in downtown Springfield with the Over the Edge fundraiser where you could watch rappelling from the Sky Eleven building after the race. Hopefully this event will continue to grow and bring awareness and support for a worthy cause. It was great to have Team Run Like The Wind there and perhaps next year there will be an even larger representation of the running community. ~trvw

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Resolutions Really Work

20130113-093259.jpgIt was surprising to see a TV promo the other day where Dr. Oz said he loved the idea of making resolutions. He claimed, “About half the people who make New Year’s resolutions will be successful or will still be on them in six months.” Even if you’re skeptical, give it a try. There’s only strength to gain and bad habits to loose. The most important thing to remember is that you do not need the calendar to say “January 1” in order to set a goal or make a resolution. Now is always the perfect time to improve your health. ~trvw

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Nourishing You And Yours


Nourishing yourself has benefits beyond your initial consideration. When you eat well and exercise, your mental focus improves. Your mood improves and the people around you get inspired by your desire to live the best life you can. Your kids will practice the lifestyle that you are living out daily; don’t you want them to mirror healthy habits? Nourish you and yours with rich health and wellness and the benefits will flourish. ~trvw

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Freedom Run

Many runners will line up to run for an Independence Day race. Locally, there is an annual Freedom Run to celebrate the special time of year as well as raise funds to benefit a women’s center. The words “freedom” and “run” are powerful enough to provide a spark of energy that you can use any time of the year.

We have the freedom to run. Often it’s concerning that people think that you must fit a particular criteria in order to march out the door and pound a little pavement. On one hand, it is quite an honor for a non-runner to think that “crazy runners” have special powers that allow us to drive our legs down the roads of fitness bliss. However, it’s not an exclusive feat that is withheld from the curious few. All you need is the interest and dedication, because you already have the freedom to run. ~trvw

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Start Running and It’s Yours to Keep

I’m thinking about running – I mean it’s on my mind right now. My bookshelf is stacked with references to the topic. My relationship with running is one that I nurture and respect. It’s all my own. No one can do it for me and no one can take the credit for the outcome but me. Like any relationship, the more time you give to it, the more it can develop into something wonderful. Give it a fair chance and it might give back more than you ever expected. ~trvw

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YouTube for Fitness

Need a fitness refresher? Check out YouTube! It’s a great resource for cardio, lifting, yoga, Pilates, and more. Take some time to view a few videos and mark them so they are ready for quick access.

Found some that you want to share, comment please. Have a great workout! ~trvw

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Thanksgiving Day Running Traditions

For years my sister and I would run our local Turkey Trot 5K race. It was fun to see people in town for Thanksgiving, be a part of physical activity on a day dedicated to expandable pants, and of course the awesome long sleeved t-shirt was great too. As the years went by and the race got big and popular the fun diminished. Crowds of people created a kind of chaos that forced runners to get shoved into each other, kids got trampled, and reaching the starting line took a special kind of patience.

Standing in the November morning cold waiting for a 5K to start by a time that I could normally run twice as far, eat, then shower became very undesirable.  My sister and I sat out a few and now we miss our annual long sleeved tee! Maybe we needed some time away or maybe we just miss the idea of overcoming craziness – isn’t that what runners do anyway? Whatever it may be, we’ve had some serious talk about partaking in our old family tradition.

We might avoid the major mayhem by doing a pre-run then joining the walkers. We could even talk our Mom into earning her first Turkey Trot t-shirt. Or we could get really crazy and run with the masses just like the good ol’ days. Whatever we decide the ultimate tradition on Thanksgiving day will remain in tact – running and family time will happen. -trvw

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Motivation vs. Will Power

A wise man told me that there is no such thing as will power, only motivation. If we are motivated to have a desired outcome then we will find the will power to make it happen. This can apply to many things in life, especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You might think that you just don’t have any will power when it comes to chocolate cake. When you see it and smell it, you just have to taste it…several times. Really?? What about having the motivation to fit into the appropriate size clothes, or the motivation to walk up stairs without wheezing? Will the idea of having great blood pressure motivate you enough to skip the second slice of pie for dessert?

Our friends at recommend that teaching your kids, co-workers, or friends that living healthy is achievable and maintainable can be beneficial to motivation you, too. It can help keep you honest about your food choices or the time you spend exercising.  You can encourage each other by making healthy choices and sticking to them as a team – a team always looking for new members to inspire!

It isn’t about being an Olympic athlete. You don’t need to give up your day job to log miles and keep a nutrition diary to be fit. (Some folks enjoy that as hobby though.) It is about finding something that will motivate you to want to be healthy. You are worth the effort and it’s an act of selflessness – NOT selfishness – when you take the time to take care of yourself. Do it now, because you can. -trvw

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