Kid’s Fitness

In this day of video games and DVDs, kids and adults are in need of more daily activity. Physical activity. The kind where they run around until they can’t catch a breath or pedal a bike so hard they make going uphill look like a slide down a mountain side. These days so many kids are out of touch with fitness that grandma’s knitting looks like cardio. USA Today says that one-third of U.S. adolescents are overweight. With easy access to junk food and limited physical activity the number will continue to rise. School physical education classes help but are not enough. Like many life long habits, kids imitate actions of their parents. Good health habits start at home. Teach kids that food and fitness is a good thing to understand and prove it. Get the family involved in physical activities as a whole as well as individually. Many gyms are adding kid’s aerobics to their schedule of events. Sign ’em up! Get them involved in learning how to fit fitness into their schedules at an early age so it isn’t an intrusion later in life when the doctor is brow beating Jr. to drop a few lbs. Prevention is key to avoiding heart disease, type II diabetes, and other serious health problems. It is important to teach kids how to nourish their bodies with good nutrition and exercise for keeping the body functional throughout life. No, not every person is a born athlete but everyone can be fit like one. After all, Physical Matters! -pm

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Fall Back, Fast Forward

We’ve moved the clocks to “gain” an hour but the time speeds on by. This time of year screams go, go, go! Hustle and bustle is the phrase that pays when November and December come around. Retail thrives on people needing quick solutions to food, gifts, and anything else that might come up last minute. People really stress out this time of year and sometimes it seems that there is no escape from the madness. Treat yourself, friends, and family to some downtime. Take a quiet hike in the woods or walk your dog. Bundle up, go out and get some fresh air. It’s good for the brain and the light exercise will lower your blood pressure while burning off some of those extra holiday calories. If you are needing to conserve calories, maybe you’ve got a big race you are training for, the supplemental stress reducers might be better served by light stretching or deep breathing exercises. Sure this time of year can get rowdy but take some time to get away so you can recharge your energy and enjoy the craziness with everyone else. Moods are infectious, be the one spreading good cheer! -pm

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Don’t Forget To Walk Or Swim The Dog

You probably realize that your pets need exercise just as we humans do. Most of us have trouble getting our own bodies to the gym and even more trouble taking the dog out for a stroll. There are several ways to get your dog exercise besides tossing toys in between t.v. commercials. Alternatives that benefit your dog’s health will be beneficial to your health as well. Hiking, swimming, and even biking with your dog are all a variety of exercises that pets can enjoy too. Running and walking are popular favorites. Be sure to research what activities are best for the build of your breed and remember to keep safety, like hydration, in mind. Not only will your dog get healthier, she will be happier spending quality bonding time with you. -pm

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Bend Not Break

Stretching does is beneficial for improving circulation, flexibility, posture, and those are just a few things. There is some argument as to if stretching prevents injury. Regardless it is good for you to do if you are doing the proper stretches the proper way.

Dr. Jolie Bookspan has a site that recommends which stretches help and which ones don’t do so much. Often, the first stretch that comes to mind is to bend over and reach for the toes. This is not a bad thing to do but not one of the most beneficial considering that we don’t need to focus on the types of stretching that bend us forward. These muscles are over-stretched as it is so it is necessary to focus on a variety that will strengthen and improve mobility all around.

Don’t forget to avoid ballistic (bouncy) movements and to stretch to the point of ease – not pain. The idea is to bend not break! Hold the pose for 30 seconds and remember to breath. -pm

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Looking for some good reads? Check out Runner’s World and Self Magazine. RW has a good article with a twist on the benefits of running despite arthritic knees, and Self has two great articles raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Onset Diabetes). Check ’em out and keep moving. Oh! Ladies, the Iron Girl website is a must visit site. Good inspiration. Enjoy!

And… … …
#Don’t forget the clocks fall back next weekend
#Recycle because you “can”
#Smile…it’s funny to do cuz it makes you wonder if you are happy or insane, but WHO CARES it looks good!!!

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Take a Stand

Are you having a mental block? Do you feel like your brain is stuck and you can’t get the wheels turning? Stand up! Brain activity improves when you move your body. Many of the desk jobs that people have require a great deal of brain power. So why then are we stuck to a chair for 8+ hours a day? Perhaps someday it will be a commonality to have a versatile standing-sitting work station so employees can get blood pumping power right to their brains. Until then try to take frequent stretch breaks, small walks, and consider standing while you read or talk on the phone. Not only will you be benefiting your brain you will be burning a few extra calories too!

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Fall is just around the corner. Now is a great time to get outside and enjoy the cooler tempertures, the smell of fall flowers, and watching the trees change into a more colorful attire. Slip on some sneakers and stroll through the trails or kick up your heals for some speedwork. Fall festivals will be on all of the local calendars, and where there are festivals there are often races to accompany them. Get out and do good. You will do good by supporting your community and your health. Run or walk, just don’t fall!

Need to find a race?

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The Fitness Realm

Forever Fit is one of my mottoes. Feeling fit invigorates me inside and outside my body. Fitness is a realm. It’s a realm because fitness is not only a 30 minute cardio burn. Your “realm” might embody a deep, cleansing breath, a soulful stretch, or a warm, reassuring smile.

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