Cool Off At The Pool

Most summers, as kids, we had an inexpensive wading pool to play in. While swimming has never been a strong suit, I’ve always loved playing in the water and dreamed of having a pool someday. I’ve still not graduated to the real thing but I’m getting closer.

A few years back we wrestled with the idea of installing an above ground pool. If done properly, they can look nice and provide the ultimate water fun. After considering the cost of filling and maintaining the pool we opted for an inexpensive, air-up pool. This was the way to go! It was large enough for two adults to float side by side on air mattresses and no need for costly supplies or chemicals.

Sure, it needs to be drained and wiped down every few weeks, but it has been a blast. Not only does it bring out the kid in me, it is a great way to enjoy the sun and relax in the warmth. (With sunscreen applied of course!) If you’re looking for a lot of fun for a little cost this summer, consider one like this: It’s  not just for kids! There’s nothing like soothing water to calm the soul and that’s just another reason that Physical Matters are important. 😉 ~trvw

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Difficulties and Doctors

It’s been a struggle for most of my adult life to find a doctor that I was comfortable with. We are supposed to be our own healthcare advocates and it helps tremendously to have a general, internal medicine doctor that will listen. These days it is not easy to build a relationship with a doctor, they are overloaded with patients and it’s hurting the care that they give to everyone around them from their patients to their families to themselves.

After a long search, I finally found a wonderful doctor that I could connect with and I’ve been building a good patient-doctor relationship for about a year. At my last visit, my precious doctor sadly told me that they were leaving my network. The paperwork was tremendous and made life miserable for my doctor to continue in such conditions.

Sad that I can’t just follow my doctor to the new office that they will be practicing at, insurance will not allow it. We have a lot of good doctors and we have others that are not nearly so great. It can take a lifetime trying to find the good ones and it’s frustrating  that  our health has to suffer in the meantime. ~trvw

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National Running Day


Runners never need a reason to hit the road but if there is extra incentive to get in a run then celebrating National Running Day is just the one. The day is dedicated to being fitter and healthier. Hopefully you can get a fun, enjoyable run in as a way to celebrate the affair. Happy National Running Day! Here’s a link to keep the party going even after you have to come to a stop: . Happy running. ~trvw

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Finding Passion

You’ve read it over and over – how important it is to have passion in life.  We are told we will be happier, more productive, and love life if we just live out our passions. There really is truth in needing passion to thrive.

The more we are in touch with what makes us light up and feel happy, the better we can live with confidence and joy. It’s great if the passion can be your full time job. However, do not ignore your passion if it can’t. For example if you love to cycle or run, do it! You might not go pro, but you might be able to work in a bike shop or write about running. Therefore, surrounding yourself with more happiness and passion.

If you don’t know your primary passion, try every thing that interests you and let the fire develop naturally. It will take time. Some people are fortunate to know early in life what drives them and others are blessed with the opportunity to take a scenic route. ~trvw

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Use It or Lose It

Running is something I have great gratitude for being able to do. Many people are less fortunate to have the strength, energy, or discipline to run on a regular basis. If you are fortunate to connect with an activity be sure that you nurture it and respect it because if it doesn’t feel welcome it might not stick around. ~trvw

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Running the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Runners have an opportunity to put an end to obesity. Maybe you are thinking, “Yes, I know. I run so I won’t be fat.”  There is more to be responsible for than our own health when we lace up our shoes (or slip into our minimal shoes). We have a chance to be an example for the childhood obesity epidemic sweeping our nation.

Because running is a solo sport, it can be difficult to realize how we can impact someone else’s fitness level.  Running isn’t a team effort, therefore the wins and losses are often credited to how much personal motivation has been put into training. What we should come to understand is that by setting examples, including others, or becoming mentors, the running community has the power to inspire the next generation to be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to turn your training runs into running camp to make a difference. Just remember that being a part of a running community means that you have access to people that understand your passion to move and thrive toward living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe on race days the kids can ride their bikes through the route after the runners are finished. Many races have even added a fun run just for kids, which is great! Maybe the kids that do the fun runs can swap numbers and form a fitness club or pair up with another run buddy.

There are lots of ideas that can be generated from one sole runner. Be as bold about sharing those ideas as you are every time you line up to run a race. There’s a generation of smart, tech-savvy kids on the horizon – let’s make sure they know how to move more than a mouse. ~trvw


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Pick Yourself Up

We trip in life. Sometimes we fall all of the way to the ground. Might as well know how to pick yourself up once because the odds that you will need to do it again are pretty good. The better you get at it, the less of an issue it will be the next time. Over time you will begin to smooth out your stride and even avoid a few falls. ~trvw

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Fitness vs. Common Cold

Being sick is not fun and frustrating because there is a lot to get done in a single day! Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are often so dedicated to their workouts that when a cold infects us, we take it as a personal attack on the level of progress we have worked so hard to gain. With quick recognition and rebuttal with rest, good nutrition, and a few workout adjustments you can retain your fabulous fitness level and be ready to get stronger than ever before. ~trvw

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Benefits of Trying Something New

Last time in the write up about Zumba for Runners there are several benefits listed that can be gained from taking a Zumba, or any group exercise, class. However, after more thinking on the subject, the task of trying something new has whole health benefits. Stepping outside of our comfortable boxes can get our blood pumping and make us feel a great since of accomplishment. That is a big bonus for confidence and happiness. What is something new that you’ve tried recently and what benefits did you see? ~trvw

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Zumba for Runners




It can be difficult to get a runner to stray from the sport they so loyally honor. When you do hear of a runner partaking in an alternative activity it’s often cycling, swimming, or trail running. Rarely, will a “real runner” admit to those fluffy group exercise classes. After all, those are for beginner exercisers, right?

Wrong! Here’s why:

1. Never underestimate the power of ANY activity

2. Trying something new works different muscles

3. Moving in new ways challenges the brain

If you’re already a runner or just looking for a fun activity to get moving try Zumba. Group classes can be beneficial because they are generally designed for all fitness levels, it’s a great way to be social and active, and you get to hear great music! Sometimes runners get trapped in their solo sport and forget to loosen up and explore alternative activities just for fun.

Zumba and other group classes can be a fantastic supplement to an athletes main sport. Runners can especially benefit by improving lateral foot work and enhancing coordination by the upper body involvement with the feet. The upbeat, positive energy is rewarding to any fitness fanatic. If you venture out to a class just remember to take it one mile…um, beat at a time. ~trvw

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