Happy Earth Day

To honor the day, I went the extra mile to help out an eight legged cohort of earth. The little spider pictured was looking crusty as it hid behind my kettlebells this morning. I picked it up to toss it in the trash and it moved. Just a little so I figured it was muscle memory. Then it wiggled more so I felt the need to give it a fighting chance. I took it to the deck, offered it a fly meal and hoped for the best. All we can do in this world is give help and then hope. Happy Earth Day! ~trvw


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One To Grow On

It can be easy to take the natural elements that surround us for granted. Flowers, birds, and trees are more than mere eye candy. Flowers feed those birds that sing for us and the trees provide homes for those little songsters. Trees, like people, are a solid structure that often gets overlooked for the multi-tasking it can do.

Take a moment to consider all the things that a tree can do. Besides providing shade, trees provide oxygen, reduce noise pollution, and lower air temperature. Trees are used to make paper, furniture, music instruments, rubber, and even are used for medicine and fuel. That’s quite a resume. One, single tree can do so much for the world around it.

Have you considered how much you do for the people, and the world, around you? It’s probably much more that you realize. How about the people around you? Do you recognize how valuable they are as well? We are social beings that impact much more that we often understand. It can be hard to comprehend how people that we never even meet can be impacted by the things that we say or do.

A strong, healthy tree branches out as it grows; making it more resourceful. People are much the same. We must endure the elements of life, and these make us strong. We must grow healthy and branch out because that makes it possible for us to have a positive impact on the world around us in ways beyond what we see. Seeing immediate results for spreading good resources needs only patience, not instant gratification or recognition. Given time, a little bird will chose a healthy, strong tree to nest in.  -pm


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Spring Cleaning

Signs of fresh new life
Flowers beaming with color
Friends with wings visit.

Spring is spreading fever with the tempting clear skies, warm sunshine, and bare beds begging for flowering friends.  It doesn’t matter if you favor the outdoors or not, when spring arrives it brings an energy that spreads into the veins of everyone. Most people don’t need much persuasion to get outside on a beautiful, sun-shiny day. Even standing outside can lift a mood on a nice day.

Other outdoor activities like gardening, washing the car, or cleaning out the garage might seem like chores but they can be therapy for the soul too. Even though tasks like cleaning are typically the chores that we hope to get done before we play, they can still lift our moods. They offer a chance to get the body moving, generate some blood flow, and a feeling of accomplishment. Your mind benefits from cleaning up the space around you as well. An article on WOW suggests that, “organizing your physical world is an important step on the path leading to clarity, purpose, and success.”

Taking time away from relaxing or play to clean and organize is not always easy. However, getting rid of some of the clutter can bring a feeling of acomplishment. Then kicking back is even better that it would have been had the mess stuck around. Because you deserve clean surrounding so you can feel more purposeful and clear, here are some suggestions: Spring Cleaning Guide. Enjoy. -pm

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The Power of Visualization

fairycastleDaydreaming can be healthy. It is a way to escape, relax, or pass the time while waiting in some dreadful, long line.  Instead of letting some chaos raise your blood pressure try to mute the mutter and daydream. Your imagination might spawn a vision that could turn into a reality.

How about seeing your shoes strike the pavement quick and light, or envision your perfect swim stroke slicing through the water like a hot knife through butter? Hold and repeat. It’s said that “creative visualization has been used as an effective tool in healing” and “that Channeling the power of visualization and clearly focusing on your ultimate goals can help in pushing you toward a higher success rate in terms of accomplishments.” You can read more on the benefits of visualization at Ezine Articles.

 Daydreaming or visualization is good to practice in all aspects of our lives. Focusing on the things that we want to achieve and playing that out in our minds gives life to our dreams. We get to practice with out failure. We can drive the dream car, cross the finish line, or sail into the sunset without reservation. Holding those images in our minds and in our hearts sparks us to take physical action toward turning those dreams into a reality.

Life can be hard but some say it doesn’t have to be. I’m holding that in my mind along with a full day of visualizations that I hope to make a reality. Daydreams are great, hold those visions in your mind but don’t forget to wake up long enough to make them happen. -pm

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Passion and Purpose in Life, What to “Be”

pathIt seems that my whole life I have been trying to figure our what I want to “be”. I’ve always known that #1 on my list was to “be happy”. Beyond that has been a struggle. Trying to narrow down what I am supposed to “be” in this life is a challenge personally.  Determined to “be” something I went to college, worked in my field of study, but still felt I was lacking in knowing my purpose. So I studied personal growth; I read the The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, sought out tips from The Secret, and I did learn valuable insight to apply toward living a fuller life. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

A few things that I do know are that passion drives purpose. In other words, if you are passionate about something and know how to apply that passion every day then your purpose will unfold naturally before you. Trying to do something every day that leaves you lifeless and bored will never result in bliss. What we are meant to “be” is yielded by discovering the passions that we are each gifted with.

The people in the world that we see as successful, rich, and happy have figured out how to use their gifts with passion and as a result the rewards follow. Paul McCartney has been so successful because he loves music, he has a gift for it and for entertaining. He took his gift, passionately used it, and the rest fell into place. If you know your gifts then don’t be afraid to apply passion to drive yourself to the level that you long to “be.”

Using your gifts and applying passion don’t have to be full time, part time is ok – so long as you are letting the gift you’ve been given bring you, and potentially others, happiness. While you are fueling those gifts with passion, then eventually, spark by spark it will explode and you will “be” what you are destined to “be”.

Now, for me and maybe many of you, the problem is not understanding happiness. I know that it’s isn’t solely in a big bank account, or by external circumstances. It’s by igniting passion. It’s by using your gifts passionately and generously. My problem is unveiling gift(s). Trying to discover if I have at least one gift that I can “be” and how to power it with passion as a means to make a difference in my life and in others.

I have big dreams and goals in my life. One of the many is that I want to reach and inspire people to excel by the words I write. I take steps every day to develop my writing and hope that it is a gift with real potential, so that I can “be” an appreciated writer. Some people are lucky because they have a clear vision of what they are destined to “be”. Others have to dig some and that is ok. It’s a journey that teaches along the way – so be sure to notice that the stepping stones advance you in your journey and they aren’t just obstacles to slow you down. Do everything in your power to discover your gifts and passions with the same zest that you will use to maintain them once you have found them.

Any step forward is an advancing step regardless of it’s size.  Even a small percentage of gain will eventually add up over time.  Zen Habits must have read my mind with the latest article titled, “The 5% Trick: Finding Passion and Purpose in Life. One of the tips for taking action discusses the 5% Statement:

“My favorite tool at this stage is the 5% statement, created by Nathaniel Branden, who is widely considered to be the father of the self-esteem movement. It works by allowing you to take steps in small increments. Trying to change completely overnight, as some might suggest, often creates fear, uncertainty, and resistance.”

The universe is full of possibilities. We must see what we want before can attempt to grab it. If it’s unclear then make it your passion to find your passion. Fight for living your life with purpose the way it’s meant to “be”.      -pm


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Fashion & Compassion

Don’t forget that Physical Matters when it comes shopping as much as Physical Matters to our physical well being. Practice compassion when you shop! “Going Green” isn’t just about recycling. It’s about making our best efforts to make the world more pleasant for all forms of life. Consider checking out some of these sites for some fabulous “fashion & compassion”.

MATT & NATT for awesome vegan handbags and accessories.

MooShoes for vegan footwear.

Inhabitat is a weblog about smart, earth kind design, etc. Shopping too!

Send me your favorite links! -pm

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Precycle, Recycle Oh MY!!!

The world of retail won’t let us forget that the holiday’s are practically here. I got to thinking about all of the waste that gets generated for this giving time of year. All of the decorations, wrapping, and buying unnecessarily end up giving more trash to the Earth than Joy to the World. The festivities are great and with the state of the economy right now we need the happy escape. We just don’t need the extra trash. Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate waste. The term “precycle” has gotten popular and it means to prevent the need to recycle. If the waste is never produced then the need to recycle is not necessary. The idea is that recycling is great and precycle is even better! If you are new to the ways of “going green” don’t panic. Every small bit helps. Take a look at these suggestions as we launch into a “reason for a green season!” pm

Here is Planetpals top ten list of ways to PRECYCLE:

1. Bring reusable bags to the store with you. Cloth or paper will do!

2. Buy Large Quantities. If you buy products in bulk or in large sizes and quantities, you can put them in smaller containers as you need them and this uses less containers.

3. Buy products with the least amount of packaging or none at all. Items packed in multiple containers may look nice, but they are a waste!

4. Buy products packed in recycled packaging. If you have to use a container, it might as well be green. Additionally, you help support green corporations. (Important: make sure you look for the recycled symbol)

5. Don’t buy disposable items (plates cups, pens, diapers, batteries, etc.) They only fill the landfill more.

6. Buy less paper towels and napkins or none at all. Use cloth ones!

7. Buy long life and concentrated items (batteries, bulks , etc.) This saves on packaging as well as product.

8. Don’t purchase styrofoam. It contains polystyrene, which is the most difficult material to break down in our landfill and is considered a hazardous waste.

9. Buy items in cardboard. aluminum, steel, glass, and plastic containers marked 1 and 2 ( They are stamped on the bottom 1 and 2). These containers can be recycled more easily.

10. Read labels for ingredients. Stay away from chemicals that harm our plant and animal life and poison our land.

Obviously, there are times when disposable items or buying in bulk are not as practical, such as traveling or picnics. The trick to all this, is to limit. We can take responsibility by changing our daily habits. Precycling may take a little more work in some cases…but an ounce of prevention is the main ingredient here!

Precycle, and teach your friends and family how to PRECYCLE, too!

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