TRLTW at The Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K

This was the second year for Team Run Like The Wind to participate in the Sertoma Duck Waddle 5K. Last year the course was an out and back, flat, easy, and felt fast. I was excited to run the scenic course again. However, the winding road raised safety concerns forcing Ozark Racing Systems to design a new route. The rumors about how the 2017 route would be a “loop-de-loop” sounded like a recipe for confusion. To my pleasant surprise, it was fun!

The directional changes were just enough to move the race along so it didn’t feel long and drawn out. There was still a feeling of quickness to the course and runners like that! It was a little more challenging with more hills and turns to add to the adventure, but they were manageable even if you hadn’t been doing hill repeats on your training runs.

The post race comradery was great. Happy runners wore their finishers medals, gulped cold water, munched pancakes, and some crunched Pickle-Ice. Proceeds benefited Care-To-Learn Ozark, Children’s Smile Center, and Freedom’s Rest. Looking forward to seeing how we all waddle through the event in 2018! ~trvw


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TRLTW Run To The Edge 5K

As the running community continues to grow in the Ozarks, so does the number of races on the calendar. It’s nothing to see several events competing for runners’ registrations in a single weekend, when compared to a decade ago you could count the number of races in the area on one hand.  That means it’s a fantastic time to be a runner but difficult, too, when we have to pick from our favorites because they end up on the same day. Last year Team Run Like The Wind was able to be at the Cox Medical Mile event but this year we checked out the Run To The Edge 5K that benefited the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield, MO.

This race was well supported with volunteers at every turn and measured out exactly at 3.1 miles per my Garmin. They had a festival of fun happening in downtown Springfield with the Over the Edge fundraiser where you could watch rappelling from the Sky Eleven building after the race. Hopefully this event will continue to grow and bring awareness and support for a worthy cause. It was great to have Team Run Like The Wind there and perhaps next year there will be an even larger representation of the running community. ~trvw

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Dealing with Doubt


Doubt will take any chance it can to cause you to question what you’re trying to do. At the end of a busy week an attempt at a long run might make you wonder how you can ever complete twice the distance in a race. That’s why it’s called training. We are dealing with the doubt that tries to keep us from reaching our dreams. Do deal with it. Let it train you to know that the journey to the goal isn’t going to be easy, but once you know this and keep pushing to the finish you can appreciate your ability to make things happen…even when you are not 100% sure of the outcome. ~trvw

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Nourishing You And Yours


Nourishing yourself has benefits beyond your initial consideration. When you eat well and exercise, your mental focus improves. Your mood improves and the people around you get inspired by your desire to live the best life you can. Your kids will practice the lifestyle that you are living out daily; don’t you want them to mirror healthy habits? Nourish you and yours with rich health and wellness and the benefits will flourish. ~trvw

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Something Can Happen

When you don’t know what to do, do something. It’s the only way to make things happen. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but taking action will help you gain ground on your goals.

Need a start? Write down one thing you want to happen in your life (even if it’s crazy), one solution to make it happen (even if it’s crazy), then take a walk (even if it’s five minutes). You might be surprised that you write more, walk longer, or have more ideas than you thought at first.

If you go through the motions and still feel stuck, it’s ok. The idea is to just do something. Get your brain and body moving and something more can happen for you. ~trvw

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Freedom Run

Many runners will line up to run for an Independence Day race. Locally, there is an annual Freedom Run to celebrate the special time of year as well as raise funds to benefit a women’s center. The words “freedom” and “run” are powerful enough to provide a spark of energy that you can use any time of the year.

We have the freedom to run. Often it’s concerning that people think that you must fit a particular criteria in order to march out the door and pound a little pavement. On one hand, it is quite an honor for a non-runner to think that “crazy runners” have special powers that allow us to drive our legs down the roads of fitness bliss. However, it’s not an exclusive feat that is withheld from the curious few. All you need is the interest and dedication, because you already have the freedom to run. ~trvw

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Keep Trying

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, an outcome is less than our expectations. This is the best time to keep trying. This is not failure, but opportunity to learn and overcome obstacles. Fight, learn, overcome! (repeat) ~trvw


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Get A Good (Solo) Workout

Exercising with a partner is nice, but consider going at it alone once in awhile.  Get A (Good) Workout Buddy referenced the great benefits of pairing up, but focusing on a workout by yourself has rewards as well. It’s a great feeling to know that you had the discipline to start, push, and finish all on your own. You get time to let your thoughts go anywhere you want without interruption when exercising alone.  By taking a solo workout you can gauge your personal level of fitness – you might discover you have a faster running pace if you pound the pavement alone.

Encouragement during workouts is fine. The important thing is that your physical fitness routine is productive. Those that go solo most of the time can find new challenges by getting together with a group occasionally, just as much as a team of folks can benefit by taking a break from each other from time to time. ~trvw

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Get A (Good) Workout Buddy

Many people benefit by having a fitness partner. Teaming up has social benefits and is also motivating to be accountable to one another. It’s important to have a buddy that is encouraging, reliable, and helps maximize the time you have together to get a great workout. Got a good one? Are YOU a good workout buddy? -trvw


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