5 Tips to Get Back On The Workout Saddle

runoutside1It can happen to anybody and it is ok! Oprah admitted to falling off the workout wagon. Many people experience a break in their workout routine and more than once.  Some are just short breaks and others are months on end of little to no physical activity.  Stop making excuses and get back into a routine.  Here’s a few tips to get you going.

1. Quit Cold Turkey – with the excuses.  The time that you put into thinking about why you stopped working out, you could be out walking.

2. Dust off the log – if you had a workout log/journal then get it back out. Reviewing your accomplishments will remind you of the great achievements you gained.  Start a brand new one and be loyal to jotting a few quick notes about your fitness and use it to keep you committed.

3. Keep your focus – when you have a goal do what you have to do to get it. Stick up inspirational pictures and quotes that push and keep you on track.

4. Shut out the noise – negative suggestions come from everywhere.  You, friends, family, even strangers and negative suggestions are not always intended.  Be bull-headed towards getting your goal and ignore the donut pushers and the workout time stealers.

5. Accept the truth – remember that you are human. Life gets busy and sometimes we make poor choices.  Move on! Don’t dwell on why you messed up, just move forward. Get the workout routine back on track because it’s important to be healty. 

Get your body in condition so you can play outside or bend over to simply tie your shoes! Fitness is for everyone – the thin, the thick, and the in between.  It is not about obtaining a body that is too muscle maxed or super skinny mini, but having a fit, functional figure. -pm

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Running Advice

running-shoesHow close  together can I put two half marathons?
-Melinda K.

Racing frequency varies for each runner.  The more experience you have with running and racing, the more familiar you will be with your body’s energy level and recovery rate.  Take your goals into consideration.  Are you wanting to PR (personal record) or just finish?  How challenging are the courses? Other things to think about are your current weekly mileage and race history.  If you are running around 20 miles a week and never ran a half marathon, I would not suggest that you schedule your second race until you see how you recover.  However if you are well rested and experienced you could schedule them within a week of one another-nothing that you would want to do on a regular basis.

Again, each runner is different.  If you are really wanting to run an event but are unsure if you should push yourself then you have the option to go easy and make it a training run.  Don’t bolt out there and hurt yourself if you aren’t ready. If you are smart about adjusting your weekly mileage, use cross-training exercises, and eat well then you are probably safe to one every six weeks.

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Thoughts Become Things

The book The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is worth a scan regardless if you are already a positive thinker; and certainly read it if you are not.  It focuses on the power of thought and most of us could use a course on taking control of our thought processes.  In today’s world we want to control the things that we can’t but neglect the things w e acutally have power over. Yes, you have power to direct your thoughts. If you don’t like the events in your life, how about changing them?  Nothing happens overnight.  With time you can retrain your brain to think better.  Skeptical minds must pause and give the alternative process a chance to prove their worth. Thought can do many things like build character, enhance health, attract success.  Just the practice of having better, happier thoughts will lift your spirits.

It’s not “magic” or any New Age theory but just making a decision not to entertain thoughts that do you damage. One example is that when someone is rude to you then we tend to play the episode over and over, thus growing the bad thought by feeding into it’s need for attention.  The bad thought sprouts like a vine, It spreads to more bad thoughts which intensify and even stretch out to others around you.  It’s like a cancer. However, you are human and have every right to feel.  When someone is rude and hurts you, feel it-but quickly move the thought to a better one.  Let the good thought be the one that buds and grows out to you and the people around you.

Take it from an optimist in training, small steps are the key to making any change stick. The idea of happy thoughts outweighing negative ones sound good. However, getting them to present themselves more often than not seems too good to be true. If you don’t try you will never know what you might be missing.  If it doesn’t work at least you were happy while you gave it a try. -pm

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Too Much

Too much of anything has drawbacks.  We often think if we had excess of all the fun things we like then we would always be happy.  Even too much happiness can have physical drawbacks because your body needs to recharge.  The point is that it’s ok to not be grinning ear to ear 24-7. A few mellow moments can refuel your mind and body.  However, too much negativity certainly has repercussions physically and mentally. Science has proven that our bodies react physically to attitudes and to the attitudes that surround us.  In fact, not only do we affect our well being but we transfer our attitude vibes to other people.  Hey, you might have something to do with the way your co-worker feels after all. In fact, by maintaining a happy disposition you could be responsible for increasing office productivity. At happier.com they say this: ” We’ve learned in 10 years that happy people are more productive at work, learn more in school, get promoted more, are more creative and are liked more. ” Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.

Do yourself, and others, a favor and focus on having too much happiness and then everything else will be just right.


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While You Wait

The bitter cold bites.  Most of us are screaming for spring.  My dog is even bummed with out his walking sessions. It seems like an easy fix for cabin fever would be to take advantage of the winter months by doing “indoor stuff”. Catch up on reading, cleaning, or even movies.  That doesn’t always scratch the itch though.  Some other suggestions are to start planning that garden that awaits your personal touch. Get your summer gear cleaned up and ready for a spontaneous trip.  Do those things that hold up outdoor activities when a nice day springs up out of the blue. Organize garden tools, get lake loot ready, toss expired sunscreen and get fresh ready to grab. Make lists of those grocery items that you might need for camping, hiking, or a day at the beach.   You can even go ahead and shop for non-perishable food and drinks. Planning ahead will relieve stress in the future and knowing there is fun in the future will boost your mood. Not to mention that you’re dog will be more than happy to spend extra time walking with you instead of watching you root around for his leash.

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Thoughts Become Things

The holidays are over and you’re broke. The weather is cold and the news is dull and depressing.  Good times seem forever away, but not so.  It’s in your own power to make the time now for feeling fine. Take an escape from all of the drama and just focus on being cheerful and happy.  Even if you have to fake it a bit, positive thoughts are proven to breed more positive thoughts and generate positive energy.  You owe it to yourself and people around you to feel good and inspire positive energy.  If we all work on that perhaps we can send this economy into a state of improvement. 

Don’t get me wrong, I typically have to work at maintaining a positive focus.  Negativity naturally consumes me it seems.  No, you can’t walk around with your head in the clouds, but being down in the dumps all of the time will serve no positive purpose. Mike Dooley, as featured in “The Secret,”  says “thoughts become things” so I am making them good thoughts.  You deserve to do the same.  -pm

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The Experimental Runner

Advice for today: do what you want, however you want – just don’t be mad about what you get! However, don’t let the possibility of an unanticipated outcome prevent you from experimenting. Running every day might not work for you but if you don’t try you won’t know. If it doesn’t work for you to run every day that doesn’t mean your body wants you to quit all together. It might be telling you that it wants less running more lifting. If accidents didn’t happen nothing would.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you have a wonderful, energy packed holiday. I hope you get out and move as much as you enjoy the festive treats. Give thanks because you want to, not because you feel like you are obligated. I would like to know what you do to stay moving keep it all together through the holiday weekend. Enjoy! -pm

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Fall Back, Fast Forward

We’ve moved the clocks to “gain” an hour but the time speeds on by. This time of year screams go, go, go! Hustle and bustle is the phrase that pays when November and December come around. Retail thrives on people needing quick solutions to food, gifts, and anything else that might come up last minute. People really stress out this time of year and sometimes it seems that there is no escape from the madness. Treat yourself, friends, and family to some downtime. Take a quiet hike in the woods or walk your dog. Bundle up, go out and get some fresh air. It’s good for the brain and the light exercise will lower your blood pressure while burning off some of those extra holiday calories. If you are needing to conserve calories, maybe you’ve got a big race you are training for, the supplemental stress reducers might be better served by light stretching or deep breathing exercises. Sure this time of year can get rowdy but take some time to get away so you can recharge your energy and enjoy the craziness with everyone else. Moods are infectious, be the one spreading good cheer! -pm

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Perfect Score!

I used to have a quote that went something like this,“waking up you are already a 3, add a couple of points for a pleasant attitude, then put on a smile and you are at least an 8.” I don’t know who wrote it but I had it hanging on my bulletin board for years growing up. It was sort of motivating to know that attitude and a facial expression could affect your appearance. It’s is very true at that. I have many times met someone who looked much better having not opened his (or her) mouth.

Hey, if you toss in a good work out and a healthy diet then you are scoring off the charts! Everybody likes to look and feel good and they do go hand-in-hand. It’s difficult to look so well when you have a sour soul. We put a lot of time and effort into primping and polishing our outer appearance but neglect to give the same attention to our attitude. Maybe it’s because it is so much easier to gel our hair than to stroke our own ego. I don’t mean inflating ourselves to the point of arrogance but I mean to remember to be kind to us as much as we do others. Speak to yourself with the same kindness that you would speak to your friends. (minus the brilliant, sarcastic jabs that you take at your nearest and dearest!) Spend some time getting the inside feeling better and you might not need to take as much time primping the outside. Don’t go crazy though, everybody benefits when you allow time to polish the pearlies and spritz the pits! -pm

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