Props to Pets

Many articles have been written giving props to pets. If you have a fur baby you probably understand, pets deserve props! They tug at our hearts, make us talk in silly voices, and get us to wallow around playing goofy games.

Other than getting humans to act like, uh – well, animals, what purpose do they serve? Companionship doesn’t begin to describe the great relationship that pets can provide. They teach us how to love selflessly, play persistently, and even make us happier. Studies report that simply stroking a dog has benefits for both the human and the canine because serotonin is released.

My dog makes me want to be a better person. It might seem silly to some, but I’ve learned a lot from my dogs. They help me stay loyal, get me to play when I need it, and sit with me when I’m tired. Those are things that make us happier, healthier people and happier healthy pets, too. ~trvw


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How to Help a Stray Dog (Pet)

When I was younger I knew a girl that would pick up any animal that walked the streets and claim it as “lost”. She felt like she was rescuing these nomadic creatures but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was actually just taking a wondering pet. My family always had dogs that would go around the neighborhood and play. Sometimes they would team up with other dogs and go exploring further than they should. That didn’t make them lost dogs.

However, if I had lost a dog I would want a caring soul to find my pet. Hopefully, the caring soul will also put some effort into taking my dog to a vet by booking an appointment via a virtual veterinary services platform and returning my furry friend instead of just adopting it immediately. So how do you know if a pet is really lost or just checking out new territory for fun? Check for things like collar, tags, and how well they are groomed. If the animal has a home the chances are that they have a collar and are decently groomed – even if it’s an outdoor pet.

Before you snatch up a wondering animal, try snapping a picture with your cell phone and ask neighbors if they know if it has a home. Chances are someone will now exactly where Fido belongs (and that he squeezes through the fence once a week). Post the picture on Face book or Tweet about it. New media has been responsible for finding pets a home on numerous occasions. It’s a great tool for helping our furry friends.

Sometimes our best intentions for taking care of an animal are not really in the animals’ best interest. I’ve often wanted to snatch up a cute, little dog because it followed me on a walk or adopt a dog that loyally followed me on a 10 mile run. But, I had to put my feelings aside and make sure that the feelings of the dog were being met first. I could not be happy knowing that I had kept a pet and its family apart.

Pets like to meet new people and explore new places, but that doesn’t mean they want to leave their home sweet home. Try all you can to get a stray pet home, and if they are truly lost then you are lucky to have found a new best friend. Share with us some new ideas for helping a stray animal such as Face book and Twitter. -pm

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Adopt Martin

Hey everyone!! Meet Martin – he was dumped emaciated and in need of lots of TLC. Martin is a retriever mix – approximately 6 months old (guessing on the age) and an absolute sweetheart!! He will be a good size dog when he’s full grown – although right now he’s VERY underweight. Martin’s adoption fee is $125 – he is great with dogs and kids – he actually followed three 11-year-olds home haha! He is currently in someone’s backyard, but they are going out of town and cannot continue fostering him. If you know of anyone looking for a handsome young boy that would like to adopt Martin, please let me know. We are trying to arrange to have Martin with us at Dogfest on Saturday at Chesterfield Family Center on Republic Rd (west of Remingtons) frmo 10am-2pm. Thanks for helping to spread the word!! Anyone interested can call me 830-1855 or email – they go to my Blackberry.


Thanks for helping to spread the word!!


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Having Compassion When A Pet Passes Away

blacklabSaying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, even when you think you’re prepared. Losing a pet is gut wrenching and not any easier than losing a person that we love. Sometimes society expects people to bounce back from the loss of a pet faster than losing a person and that isn’t fair.

The relationship between a person and an animal becomes a very tight bond over time. We develop our own silent language with our animals and they seem to love, trust, and understand us in ways that are different from people. Their personalities are unique and seem to shine especially for the people that they care about most.

Those are just a few examples as to why we humans get so attached to our beloved pets. In the past I have had pets in my life that I loved and they either left without saying goodbye or had to leave this earth because it was their time to go. It was never easy and sometimes I still have dreams of a reunion with a runaway dog or playing with a pet bunny from the past. Though I’ve had several pets growing up, I’ve never had such a strong bond with the two dogs that I have now. They are my family. While I know in the back of my mind that their life expectancy is less than I desire, my heart wants to believe that they will be with me forever.

Over the weekend my friend’s 14 year old lab passed away. Fourteen years is a very long time and I know that she gave Abby a great life. I think that one of the ways to come to peace with the passing of a pet is to know that you gave your animal the best love that you had in your heart.

It’s hard to know what to do or say when someone is mourning a loss. However, compassion is always a good way to go. Just because a loss is an animal doesen’t mean it is any easier than losing a person. Pets are always good at teaching us things. I think that they deserve some credit for teaching us humans to give each other the same compassion that we express to animals. -pm

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Samantha Sunshine

samantha sunshine 029
Our foster dog, Samantha Sunshine, will be ready for adoption on Monday, Aug 3. 
We think she is lab/dane mix – around 1 1/2 years old.  She is going to be VERY big.  She already weighs around 70lbs.  We have worked with her on potty training, leash training and socialization.  She is doing great.  She gets along well with other dogs (especially larger ones) and LOVES children.  Interested?  Let me know!  Send an email to:
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Puppy Power

Only a pet owner knows that animals have more personality in their paw than most people have in their whole body. It’s amazing that not long ago many scientists assumed that animals were incapable of thought. They had the notion that they were more like machines that reacted to stimuli.

There is a neat article in National Geographic March 2008 titled, “Minds of Their Own”. Virginia Morell writes about the research that has been done to prove quite the opposite. Scientific study aside, the average pet owner can fill pages too with stories that prove the passionate, independent thought that goes on inside the minds of the animals we call pets.

I have two white dogs that resemble each other in size and color, but have personalities that are quite contrary. They both make me laugh in different ways and have their own quirks that make them unique and lovable. One is laid back and easy going, and the other is sprite and vocal with his demands. My life wouldn’t be the same without them.

How does your pet improve your life? What are some of the personality characteristics that make you confidant that your pet is an independent thinker? Let me know, and remember that if you know of an orphan animal needing a good home to email me the details and I will gladly post them.


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Name: Merlin

Sex: Male (neutered)

Age: approx. 3 years

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Merlin is a sweet, gentle dog with so much love to give. He is great with other dogs of all sizes, and loves children. Merlin will tolerate the presence of cats, but should not be considered 100% cat safe. His very favorite thing to do is to cuddle up and lay his head in your lap for lots of petting. When not cuddling, he enjoys stretching his legs in the field, then cooling off with a dip in the creek. Merlin is current on all shots, heartworm treatment and Frontline, has been neutered and has regular vet checkups with a clean bill of health. Merlin’s forever family can adopt him by contacting Southwest Missouri K9s or April Turner at UTurn Studios (417-844-6620 or


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