Dougie Pitt

There’s only one Brad Pitt….meet Dougie Pitt is a 5 month old male pitbull. He is so loving and sweet. He enjoys giving kisses, playing, and showing his sweet side. He’s great with other dogs and kids. Dougie is up to date on his shots and neutered. He’s ready to be taken home to his forever family.
dougie pit

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Buddy is a male 3-4 year old black shepherd. He’s wonderful with dogs, cats, and kids – his current foster has 4 dogs, 7 cats, and a two year old daughter – Buddy is amazing and loving with all of them. About a year ago, Buddy was shot by a farmer and left there alone. A wonderful woman found Buddy and took him to a vet for treatment. Unfortunately, it was too late to save one of Buddy’s back legs. He is now completely healed, and Buddy doesn’t even realize he’s different than any other dog. He swims, runs, plays, and has made a complete recovery. Buddy is up to date on his shots, neutered, and Buddy is ready to be taken home to his forever family.R1-20A

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Chico was left to fend for himself tied up in a HOT garage in 100 degree heat. He is a terrier/lab mix and only a few months old. We are guessing 2-3 months. He is the size of a shitzu right now and will not get too much bigger. Chico gets along great with other dogs and kids.
For more info, please contact Jeanna at 830-1855 or
female shepherd mix - steph foster

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Brandy and Wesley

Brandy is a Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is approx. 1yr old. There is a scar on her back. They think she might have been abused before they found her. She is very loving and gets along with other dogs, as you can see, she’s hanging out with Wesley.

Wesley is a Husky mix. He is about 1yr old. He is very friendly and loves to be around people.

The Killuminati Foundation is teaming up with Canines ‘N Cats Adoption Station (CCAS) to find these dogs homes!

If you are interested in adopting Brandy or Wesley please contact:

Carrie Neblett

Puppy Love Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


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Foster Dogs in Need of a Forever Home

***Home Sweet Home***

The shepherd mix pup has been adopted! Thanks for all that helped her find a forever home. There’s a new dog in need of a home. As with any pet, remember to be sure that you and the breed are a good match. Personalities are more fun when they mesh! Take care everyone and please let me know if you have a pet posting!

There are more dogs posted on the Pets page. These sweeties are currently in foster care awaiting a forever home. Please spread the word and help them find good homes. Thank you on behalf of the animals and thank you to the foster families providing care until they are matched up with a permanent place to stay. -pm

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Animal House

Many people connect with an animal at some point in their life. Dogs are loyal, kittens cuddle, and fish are soothing. Countless studies have proven that both people and their pets benefit from the relationship.

There have been days that I don’t know what I would have done without my dogs around to comfort me or put a smile on my face. I would do anything to make them as happy as they make me. They are my family. When I learn of pets needing a family  I want to help. Lots of people feel the same way, and while the first instinct is to open our own homes to animals in need of a family, it’s not always the best solution. It’s important to consider the pets that you already care for and the other family members as well. It can be hard to feed and care a whole house of animals and people!

It’s important to make sure that an orphan animal be placed with the best family. That’s why the best way to help an animal in need of a home is by spreading the word. So if you know of a pet seeking a new residence, let me know and I will gladly post it under the Pets page. Check it out now and help these sweeties find a family.

Read more about how you can help at: The Killuminati Foundation.


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House Breaking Your Dog

It’s been noted that one of the most difficult breeds of dogs to potty train is the Maltese. Either I am darn good ,or darn lucky, but my Maltese and I have the system down pat.  I can’t even remember the last time he had an accident in the house.  We certainly had a phase where he made some nasty, almost unforgivable messes. His big brown eyes reinforce why he is always forgivable.

There are many methods, each with a claim to fame.  However, I tend to believe that depending on the personality of the human and the dog and their relationship successful practices may vary. I do know that one of the most important keys to success is to have a routine.  Dogs are smart and want to please their owners.  If you allow a pattern to form for your best friend then he will work hard to abide by it as well.  Be consistant and loyal to your dog and he will return the favor in due time. -pm

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Don’t Forget To Walk Or Swim The Dog

You probably realize that your pets need exercise just as we humans do. Most of us have trouble getting our own bodies to the gym and even more trouble taking the dog out for a stroll. There are several ways to get your dog exercise besides tossing toys in between t.v. commercials. Alternatives that benefit your dog’s health will be beneficial to your health as well. Hiking, swimming, and even biking with your dog are all a variety of exercises that pets can enjoy too. Running and walking are popular favorites. Be sure to research what activities are best for the build of your breed and remember to keep safety, like hydration, in mind. Not only will your dog get healthier, she will be happier spending quality bonding time with you. -pm

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Spring Forward and Aspire Higher

Ok, spring is here…finally! What is your excuse for not moving? Rain? The rest of the family’s schedule is intruding? Cut it out and get going! Never look back! Let the only excuse you formulate be one to keep you going season after season. It is not easy with all of life’s interruptions but if you don’t go now and keep going, you will not be going at all later down the road.

I get the feeling that many pre-exercise program people think that we “exercisers” have it easy. We don’t. It can be very difficult to keep the positive mantra flowing. Just because there is a good week of fitness doesn’t mean that we get to quit for a week. However, if we struggle through a nasty run we can’t throw up our hands a think that we’ve lost it all and give up.

You’ve got to find a way to get fit and stay fit.
Exercise is not a hobby for many people. It’s a means to an end, maintenance for the self. This day in age it is very necessary that fitness is a part of your daily regimen. Today there are too many opportunities to not move-remote controls, drive-up windows, and unnecessary car rides. The slogan “use it or lose it” proves true. While your expanding waist is not “out of sight” but you have put exercise “out of mind” you can change that now.

  • spring is a great time to gear up that bike for park rides or even running errands
  • many charity events are having walk/runs this time of year
  • your dog is probably just as ready as you to come out of hibernation mode, in other words-walk the dog!


Spring is all about new and fresh. Inspiration for innovation spawns from various outlets. Click on the new podcast link (coming soon)and listen – maybe I can let out a good view for you.

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