Strive To Be Better

Most people want more from life. Many get an education, work hard, grow a family and hope happiness is the end result. Challenges arise every step of the way. College debt, long hours, and sick kids are just a few of the hurdles that pop up on the road to a blissful life. Of all of the life skills we are taught, some of the most important things are dismissed simply because the people who we expect to teach these lessons are trying to figure them out for themselves. Somehow it became expected that the grown-up had the answers to everything for everyone. They might have been playing it by ear because most adults, or the wiser elders that are honest, have candidly revealed that they don’t know the secret to having it all. Perhaps that’s because having it all is a different portrait for every individual. What makes my mosaic perfection might be a muddled mess to you and vice versa.

Whatever your ideal image of a great life is, there is the need to know the reality of perfection is better suited as simply a guideline that has permission to change. Be sincere with knowing that it is ok to own perfection on a difference scale than another person. Even more important, strive for progress, not perfection. ~trvw

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World View

The first week of 2017 is moving along quickly. Many people have elected to choose a word to focus on for the year. Some still subscribe to the resolutions. What ever your method of management for making the world a better place, may you be determined and deliver on your direction. Every moment is a new opportunity to reset your mind if you need to and move through this magnificent world. ~trvw

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Fitness Review of the Simply Fit Board

The words, “As Seen On TV” might raise a red flag for many consumers. Many items are under par when it comes to satisfaction. When the Simply Fit Board was on the shelves of Walmart I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Difficult workouts are a turn off for me. If I can’t do something from the get-go then I’m not very likely to stick with it. Especially when it comes to needing to fit an effective workout into my day. This board was interesting since I had been seeing commercials about it and then noticed it in stores. It isn’t too often that I will open up my wallet to buy fitness equipment that might do nothing more than collect dust.

The Simply Fit Board (SFB) impressed me! Unlike a BOSU ball, which is known for working the core, it was easy to get on and use. A BOSU ball is great, don’t get me wrong – I have and use one. However, there are still times where I feel like I have baby deer legs when I try to get balanced on it. The SFB was simple to get balanced on and easy to use. They provide an instructional DVD, user guide, YouTube videos, and are easy to find on social media. The SFB also holds up to 400 lbs.! A BOSU ball that is 25 inches in diameter holds about 350 lbs.

Even though the core work comparison between the SFB and the BOSU ball are noteworthy, the SFB is both great for a whole body workout and is at a reasonable price-point. The one I purchased was $39.88 at my local Walmart. The videos do demo the workouts using weights. These are not necessary but I would recommend light dumbbells with the exercises. I used 3 lb. weights.  If you are looking for a low-impact full body workout I think you will be pleased with this sturdy little board. It will get your heart rate up, it’s versatile, and a great way to get cardio and strength exercise. ~trvw

Listen to a user testimony from David. He is a male who works out approximately six days a week and tried the SFB.

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Overuse Abuse


Research has reported that both our minds and bodies will succumb to atrophy if neglected. While it’s a terrifying thought to consider such evidence, there are still people who prefer the couch cushion to a bicycle seat and many that click the remote control to watch the T.V. instead of an ink pen to write a letter. It seems that we might have an overuse injury.

If you’re familiar with fitness jargon, you’ve probably heard about an overuse injury. These occur as a result from a repeated action. Modernization has allowed us to move less with button clicks and made it easier to neglect our noggins. Society is overusing the luxuries and it seems to be causing setbacks in our well-being.

The great news is that the remedy is simple and fast acting. A walk to the mailbox and a word puzzle are easy starts to putting your body and mind in motion. While you might not see the results right away the advantages are happening behind the scenes.

Impatient? Check out this article for 5 Immediate Benefits of Exercise – spoiler, your mind benefits from a work out so it’s like a two-for-one! ~trvw

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Running In The Cold

snow-bridgeThere is something magical about running in the winter. It’s cold and quiet. There is a feeling of additional accomplishment since most people avoid such frigid elements. Enjoy the beautiful bliss of a bundled up trek because it’s only going to last a little bit. ~trvw

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Happy Feet, Happy Runner


Often, our feet are the last to know. Our bodies might ache. There could be a change in our gait. Maybe a tweak in the knee. Then, you stop to consider that those shoes might be spent. The average running shoe can go about 300-500 miles before it needs to be replaced. It’s a good idea to track how much mileage that you are putting on your kicks and make notes on how your body is feeling, especially at the end of the replacement time. If you are noticing aches, pains, and even a slower training time, you might benefit from changing out your shoes sooner. Every runner will vary. Check out some of the apps that will help you track your shoe usage. Shoe replacement might seem aggravating up front but missing a run because of an injury will be worse. Run happy by remembering your feet. ~trvw

Apps to consider:
27 Apps Every Runner Should Know About





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The Running Teacher

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Running continues to be a great teacher. It has taught me patience, appreciation, and sportsmanship. Patience has and continues to provide life lessons. The quickest example is when I have respected the time it takes to develop into a better runner, the results do reveal themselves. It might be in the form of a faster pace, stronger muscles, or more endurance. The application to life is that when I practice patience, it might seem like forever, but there is a desirable result – a raise, new responsibility, or simple recognition for hard work.

Appreciation also has its lessons in and out of my running shoes. Being thankful for the ability to lace up and pound the pavement can invite a mindset that puts a long training run into the perspective of something that I “get” to do, opposed to something that I “have” to do. Copy and paste that into any possible undesirable task faced at home or work and the perception changes rather quickly.

Sportsmanship is not reserved for race day. When I have run my heart out but my competitor has had a better race than me that day, I give her a fist pound, say “great run”, and train harder for next time. If my cheering section is bigger and louder that doesn’t promise me a win. It would be ill-mannered to scream that I should have won. Sportsmanlike conduct means understanding that sometimes there will be someone who is better than our best. This is ok – disappointing – but ok. It’s just fuel to fight harder! Try different training, get involved in another capacity, but keep it classy and running will continue to fold in the lessons of patience, appreciation, and eventually a win where you are receiving the accolades. ~trvw


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Don’t Go Bananas


Fried foods are not typically on the healthy list or something I enjoy. When my husband experimented with a recipe for plantain I was open to try it. Then when these little fried slices were in front of me I was more reluctant to ingest it than in the beginning. The plantain was fried in a bit of coconut oil and then dusted with cinnamon. They were a starchy delight! If you are training for a long distance race you might try these little treats. Coconut oil is full of beneficial fats that the body uses resourcefully and it’s just enough to crisp the fruit without a greasy film.  It’s nice to have alternative fuel for those long hauls. Happy eating, training, and living! ~trvw

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Going Forward

Movement in the physical sense is important to keep limber and healthy. Emotionally, it’s just as much a priority. Becoming stagnant by not allowing feelings to be felt can limit mobility. Growth happens when even the uncomfortable strides are addressed and surpassed. Petals move from a closed position to an open state. Bloom from the inside out! ~trvw

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Gray is the color between black in white if you’re looking a a color chart. It’s exists, it’s real and established. However, some choose to act as though it isn’t relevant. That seems hard to understand. Does it get ignored because some prefer a more solid saturation? Even if that is the chosen preference, it does not make the gray area disappear. ~trvw

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