Spring Forward and Aspire Higher

Ok, spring is here…finally! What is your excuse for not moving? Rain? The rest of the family’s schedule is intruding? Cut it out and get going! Never look back! Let the only excuse you formulate be one to keep you going season after season. It is not easy with all of life’s interruptions but if you don’t go now and keep going, you will not be going at all later down the road.

I get the feeling that many pre-exercise program people think that we “exercisers” have it easy. We don’t. It can be very difficult to keep the positive mantra flowing. Just because there is a good week of fitness doesn’t mean that we get to quit for a week. However, if we struggle through a nasty run we can’t throw up our hands a think that we’ve lost it all and give up.

You’ve got to find a way to get fit and stay fit.
Exercise is not a hobby for many people. It’s a means to an end, maintenance for the self. This day in age it is very necessary that fitness is a part of your daily regimen. Today there are too many opportunities to not move-remote controls, drive-up windows, and unnecessary car rides. The slogan “use it or lose it” proves true. While your expanding waist is not “out of sight” but you have put exercise “out of mind” you can change that now.

  • spring is a great time to gear up that bike for park rides or even running errands
  • many charity events are having walk/runs this time of year
  • your dog is probably just as ready as you to come out of hibernation mode, in other words-walk the dog!

*E-MAIL ME YOUR FIT TIPS @ physical.matters@yahoo.com

Spring is all about new and fresh. Inspiration for innovation spawns from various outlets. Click on the new podcast link (coming soon)and listen – maybe I can let out a good view for you.

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A Thank You Note

Dear Iron Girls,

Thank you so very much for the e-mails of support in response to my article. Each time I received one it came at a time that I needed it. Sometimes after I’ve poured out such personal information I hesitate wondering if I’ve revealed too much or if I’m just rattling on about details that are minimal compared to what could be. I don’t want to sound like a whiner when many of you deal with bigger issues in life. However, the positive reinforcement that I have helped even one person makes it worth every word of revelation. I embrace my “twisted gift” and thank you again for keeping me strong.

You go Iron Girls and keep the e-mails coming!
Trina (*-*)
For more empowering talk visit Iron Girl

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I try to respect all body types. I believe that people should exercise, eat well, and not let physical limitations hold them back from anything. I strive to exemplify that belief or “image” if you will. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to Iron Girl. I liked the idea of the mission that you don’t have to be perfect to be perfect. I wear my Iron Girl charm around my neck everyday…I did. I took it off the other day because I let someone make me feel un-Graceful. Someone told me that I did not portray a particular image that a fitness employee should have. The situation was hurtful and embarrassing. Let me tell you right now that I am very active and I am very thin. I do have some medical conditions. I don’t want to get into those details. I should not have to explain or defend my appearance any more than a woman who may also have medical issues and still exercises but is at the heavier end of the weight scale.

I am a bit torn because I do understand that a fitness professional should portray an image of health. I also agree that fitness representatives need to fit it as close as possible. On the other hand it’s frustrating to feel like I have to discuss my medical history just to get a job. I want to be recognized because I am overcoming my limitations and want to push other people to do the same.

People make snap conclusions when they see someone different. They are not always nice and can be cruel, rude, and hurtful. I guess the point that I want to make in this write up is to remind people to be kind , understanding, but most important respectful. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The world is tough. We need to help each other build thicker skins to get through it Gracefully, not by ripping through and tearing into each other’s skin.

I work toward making myself a strong, healthy, Iron Girl. Sometimes I need to reset my thinking and remember that, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”-Eleanor Roosevelt. I put my charm back on this morning, right next to my Boston Marathon charm.

-Trina Rachelle VerSteeg Wilcox

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Stay Strong Until the Days Get Long

Spring is on they way, let’s hope. Groundhog, shadow, no shadow, I don’t care—->BRING ON THE BLOOMS! Sunshine gets us all out and about and lifts our moods too. While we wait for the outside invitation, we can prep our bodies for all of those outdoor activities. Free weights are a cheap and easy way to build up muscle while you are stuck inside. Keep them by the couch and kick out a few reps while you are watching tv. Buff the bod. while ya wait and when the days get longer you’ll be leaner, stronger and ready to play outside.

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Looking for some good reads? Check out Runner’s World and Self Magazine. RW has a good article with a twist on the benefits of running despite arthritic knees, and Self has two great articles raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Onset Diabetes). Check ’em out and keep moving. Oh! Ladies, the Iron Girl website is a must visit site. Good inspiration. Enjoy!

And… … …
#Don’t forget the clocks fall back next weekend
#Recycle because you “can”
#Smile…it’s funny to do cuz it makes you wonder if you are happy or insane, but WHO CARES it looks good!!!

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Take a Stand

Are you having a mental block? Do you feel like your brain is stuck and you can’t get the wheels turning? Stand up! Brain activity improves when you move your body. Many of the desk jobs that people have require a great deal of brain power. So why then are we stuck to a chair for 8+ hours a day? Perhaps someday it will be a commonality to have a versatile standing-sitting work station so employees can get blood pumping power right to their brains. Until then try to take frequent stretch breaks, small walks, and consider standing while you read or talk on the phone. Not only will you be benefiting your brain you will be burning a few extra calories too!

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Serving Says

America on the Move is a handy site for healthy info tidbits. If you sign up they will drop a tip in your e-mail inbox. It’s always good to have reminders considering all the information overload that gets dropped on our plates. Check out this one:

Size it Up! Use your hands and some everyday references to determine individual serving sizes:
1 serving of fruit or vegetables = size of 1 fist
1 serving of cooked rice, pasta, cereal, chips, or pretzels = 1 rounded handful
1 serving of meat, fish, or poultry = 1 deck of cards
1 serving of baked potato = 1 computer mouse

For more information about healthy portion sizes, visit www.mypyramid.gov

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