Gray is the color between black in white if you’re looking a a color chart. It’s exists, it’s real and established. However, some choose to act as though it isn’t relevant. That seems hard to understand. Does it get ignored because some prefer a more solid saturation? Even if that is the chosen preference, it does not make the gray area disappear. ~trvw

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You Be You


Society tells us often to be ourselves. We are told this while we are inundated with the latest trends in hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, cars and more. Things that might feel like you are masking the core of who you really are. One isn’t better over the other, they need to blend actually. If we never explore a new hairstyle then how can we know if it’s fitting or not? So play and experiment to see what fits and what style makes you more you!~trvw

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Stop! Go! Wait, what?!?

Do things, take action, strive for more. Slow down, embrace the moment, live in the now. Conflict, resolution, balance. Maybe we need the catalyst of one for the other. Perhaps we need to press hard in able to embrace a moment. Maybe if we slow down we can provoke the thoughts we need to take action and get hungry for more. Balance might be important but sometimes the extremes allow for us to notice the contrast and know where to blend the colors into a beautiful masterpiece. ~trvw 

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Size Is Irrelevant

stopdoWhen it comes to making improvements in your life, what strides – even if small – do you take? If the only time you lift your foot up to move it forward is when the step can be big and bold, why is that? Small efforts deserve credit and attention because they can build into big things. ~trvw #BeBetter


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Feel The Feelings


Disappointment is not always something that can be avoided. However, the pros say it’s important how we react to such feelings. Emotions are not a switch that we can flip to happy and walk away from. Sometimes the feeling needs to be felt and faced. It can help us resolve internal conflict and maybe even help the low funk pass faster and let the happy phase begin. ~trvw

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Sentimental Repair



If you have a race that you like to run every year, you understand the sinking feeling you get when an injury sidelines you. The Azalea half marathon, 5k/10k will hold their event for the 3rd time and the gun will go off without me this time. A peroneal tendonitis flare needs rest and the decision to cut back from the half to either the 5 or 10k was as agonizing as the injury itself. After much rumination, I had to reconcile that being overly sentimental about racing the same event year after year wasn’t worth it. It’s more important to be looking ahead and healing with the guts it takes to rest properly.

If you’re hurt and feeling like a slacker for taking it easy in order to heal, cut yourself some slack and focus on the strong running ahead of you. I look forward to the Azalea again, but want to race it strong – not having the memory of running through agony just to keep a streak going. The sentiment of proper repair will hopefully have a much higher rate of positive return. ~trvw



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Motivating Experience



Having an experience is said to create happiness in our lives more than having excess money. Seems like there are always new things to go see and do, until you’re ready to do them. Then it feels like the most available thing to do is visit the franchise coffee shop around the corner. It can be hard to stay motivated and open to trying new things when pouring over your local city calendar has left you daydreaming for a bottomless bank account.

Maybe the expectation of a life altering experience isn’t the point. Maybe just simply stepping out to do something that can add new snapshots to our memory reel to reflect on is more of the idea. If so, how do you motivate yourself to practice different events and what are some of the best experiences that you’ve had?  ~trvw

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Whatever It Takes

Motivation can be an extreme challenge when you need it most. Writing an article, practicing a new instrument, or maintaining a workout routine all require motivation – a reason to get something done. Maybe the biggest misconception about it is that the influence must be a grand gesture. One sentence, five minutes, or 10 crunches are all small, driving forces that are a step in the direction you need to go to get something done. Little pieces come together in a puzzle to finish a big picture. Bit by bit. Step by step. Whatever it takes to get to where you need to be. ~trvw

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Make It Happen

Congratulations to Seth Godin for writing post number 5000 today. He teaches and learns with every piece he writes and “ships”. He says his work is “unvarnished” at times. Many times challenges are realizing that delivering our work, even if it isn’t perfect, can still impact and encourage someone (or ourselves) to move toward a milestone. Make something happen today. If it isn’t good, fast, the best – it will have happened. ~trvw

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When Am I Going To Find a time To…

Brush my teeth
Take a shower
Prepare a meal
Clean my house
Change the sheets
Do the laundry
…well, just like exercising – you fit in what you can every day. It may be a little more on some days and less on others. Maintaining your well being is just like eating well or grooming, the longer you go without, the harder it will be to tackle later. Stay on top of proper maintenance because a little goes a good long way. ~trvw

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