Power of Compliments

Kind words are almost always appreciated and can certainly make an impression on a person. Flattery is fun but sincere remarks are the words that help encourage someone. It takes a strong person to step out of her comfort zone and recognize another for their note worthy characteristic. People of strength pulling up others will make the world unbreakable. ~trvw

Was the last compliment one that you gave or got?

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Food Freedom

fruitsalad1Taking care of the body that we were born with is our responsibility. In the post Physical Freedom, the main idea was that attitude can make the difference as to the approach we take toward staying physically fit. The same approach is necessary when dealing with nutrition.

Diet is about the way we nourish our bodies. Everyone has a diet – it is a way of life – not a temporary fad. It may be good or bad. It can be maintained and improved with a similar approach used toward physical freedom.

Thinking about what you eat, and why, is important for good health. Food freedom is successful when approached with the same attitude for physical freedom. Yes, you have the right to eat anything you desire. Your body also rightfully can respond to such choices. Bad food choices result in unnatural body types. We were not designed to be overweight, with excess fat rolls, oily skin, and stressed joints. Curves are great when they result from good food and fitness choices.

Give your body the freedom to take on a natural form. Exercise and eat well. Realize that fast food chains are in the business to make money – not to make you healthy. They use ingredients that are cost effective, not usually health effective. The “food” some restaurants produce are difficult for bodies to digest and result in many negative health barriers. It is worth it to take on food freedom and pass up fast food. Take control of the way you fuel your body and you will be amazed at how much it will thank you. It will work better and look great. That is real food freedom.-pm


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Necessary Evil

pillshotWhen it comes to managing an illness, the very medicine that adds comfort  and control to life can also strip away longevity. It is disappointing to think about how the medication that you swallow or inject into your body can be slowly killing you while at the same time it is adding value to your well-being in the short term. In order to live a better life, taking the potent poison becomes a necessary evil.

However, on a positive note, medicine is evolving all the time. Hopefully advances will be able to cure diseases and omit the need for drugs while correcting any damage done from taking medicine. I have been injecting and swallowing poisons since I was a child as a means to cope with rhuematoid arthritis.  It scares me to think what is happening to my body when I take something that is supposed to be helping me. At the same time I can’t let the RA continue to attack my joints and potentially cripple my valuable, active lifestyle.

The best way I deal with this issue is by trying to take care of what I do have. Take a look around at the people that abuse their health with excessive alcohol, smoking, or bad food. They are no healthier than I am. I focus on being happy and putting value to the life that I have. I have no choice but to put my fear aside and hope that my efforts will pay off. If I live with a positive attitude then I will get more out of my time alive then I ever will if I sulk and wonder what if.

It’s not that I never get worried about how the disease is controlling my fate or if I’m trading one evil for another. I have to clench my teeth and swallow my pride when I see my knuckles swell. Some of the scary thoughts that worry me I have to push away because I refuse to let them control me. Surrounding myself with supportive and caring people is one of the best ways to fight off the necessary evils in life. No matter who you are or what you are dealing with, there comes a time when you have to make decisions that will leave you wondering “what if?” Don’t live in the “what ifs” of life because the “what it is” of life is waiting for you to make the most of it. -pm

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BIBO – Beauty In Beauty Out

swanThere’s no denying that people are attracted to beauty. I like to think that anyone can be beautiful externally and internally. Maybe that’s just me being a wishful thinker seeing, as I’ve never saw myself as any beauty queen. Outward beauty definitely radiates from within and when we feel good inside it shows outside.

Pump all the iron you want, but if you don’t exercise on the inside then there is going to be an out-of-balance. The same goes for the opposite; if you do all the work on your soul and neglect your physical body, you aren’t maximizing your potential. Some people take vanity to the extreme, fussing over hair, clothes, and physique, but forget that the inside needs a bit of TLC too. We need to work on our attitudes and the way we treat each other. In contrast, there are people that feel that foregoing all physical appearance will make them better on the inside. But when we work on our outsides in a manner that isn’t extreme self-absorption, but in a caring, respectful way, then we are able to feel confident about our appearance – and confidence is attractive.

Do your best to be your best. I strive to be fit for life and that requires me to work out my insides and my outsides. Am I beautiful? Perhaps it lies in the eye of the beholder, maybe more on some days than others. I am what I am…but it’s not all that I CAN BE. Be beautiful. -pm

Here are a few ideas for exercising your inside and your outside.


· Positive self talk

· Help others reach potential

· Try new things,

· Explore the world around you,

· Keep learning


· Exercise

· Eat well

· Dress for your age and body type

· Change your hair

· Smile

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Too Much

Too much of anything has drawbacks.  We often think if we had excess of all the fun things we like then we would always be happy.  Even too much happiness can have physical drawbacks because your body needs to recharge.  The point is that it’s ok to not be grinning ear to ear 24-7. A few mellow moments can refuel your mind and body.  However, too much negativity certainly has repercussions physically and mentally. Science has proven that our bodies react physically to attitudes and to the attitudes that surround us.  In fact, not only do we affect our well being but we transfer our attitude vibes to other people.  Hey, you might have something to do with the way your co-worker feels after all. In fact, by maintaining a happy disposition you could be responsible for increasing office productivity. At happier.com they say this: ” We’ve learned in 10 years that happy people are more productive at work, learn more in school, get promoted more, are more creative and are liked more. ” Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.

Do yourself, and others, a favor and focus on having too much happiness and then everything else will be just right.


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Perfect Score!

I used to have a quote that went something like this,“waking up you are already a 3, add a couple of points for a pleasant attitude, then put on a smile and you are at least an 8.” I don’t know who wrote it but I had it hanging on my bulletin board for years growing up. It was sort of motivating to know that attitude and a facial expression could affect your appearance. It’s is very true at that. I have many times met someone who looked much better having not opened his (or her) mouth.

Hey, if you toss in a good work out and a healthy diet then you are scoring off the charts! Everybody likes to look and feel good and they do go hand-in-hand. It’s difficult to look so well when you have a sour soul. We put a lot of time and effort into primping and polishing our outer appearance but neglect to give the same attention to our attitude. Maybe it’s because it is so much easier to gel our hair than to stroke our own ego. I don’t mean inflating ourselves to the point of arrogance but I mean to remember to be kind to us as much as we do others. Speak to yourself with the same kindness that you would speak to your friends. (minus the brilliant, sarcastic jabs that you take at your nearest and dearest!) Spend some time getting the inside feeling better and you might not need to take as much time primping the outside. Don’t go crazy though, everybody benefits when you allow time to polish the pearlies and spritz the pits! -pm

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