Pets Needing Homes

This is a quick post because these dogs need rescueing ASAP. Pictures and details will follow soon or email me for more info. Thanks!

Oscar – neutered, 3 year old male shepherd mix, extremely sweet and loving – gives lots of kisses and wiggles/dances for you while he smiles. Oscar was brought in with another dog who is no longer there.

*Rome – this sweet boy really touched my heart, and I’m working hard for him! When I walked by his cell block, he was all the way in the back farthest corner curled up in a ball shaking. I opened his gate and sat down with my hand out. It took a few minutes, but he creeped up to me all the while trembling from fear – once he sniffed me and finally got comfortable with me, Rome sat on my lap and snuggled up to my neck. He’s a very sweet boy – scared and nervous – but loves to cuddle. Because of his nerves and shyness, he will need more socialization and patience – but he’s a lover and a great cuddle bug. I’m unsure on the age – I think he’s young – I couldn’t look at his teeth b/c I didn’t want to scare him too much. But he’s pretty little – emaciated – and needs some TLC.

*On a side note, if you know anyone looking for a small dog – they have a pug (female – few yrs old), a Shihtzu female young, terrier adult male, terrier young female, and a yorkie mix young female.

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Name: Merlin

Sex: Male (neutered)

Age: approx. 3 years

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Merlin is a sweet, gentle dog with so much love to give. He is great with other dogs of all sizes, and loves children. Merlin will tolerate the presence of cats, but should not be considered 100% cat safe. His very favorite thing to do is to cuddle up and lay his head in your lap for lots of petting. When not cuddling, he enjoys stretching his legs in the field, then cooling off with a dip in the creek. Merlin is current on all shots, heartworm treatment and Frontline, has been neutered and has regular vet checkups with a clean bill of health. Merlin’s forever family can adopt him by contacting Southwest Missouri K9s or April Turner at UTurn Studios (417-844-6620 or


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Brandy and Wesley

Brandy is a Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is approx. 1yr old. There is a scar on her back. They think she might have been abused before they found her. She is very loving and gets along with other dogs, as you can see, she’s hanging out with Wesley.

Wesley is a Husky mix. He is about 1yr old. He is very friendly and loves to be around people.

The Killuminati Foundation is teaming up with Canines ‘N Cats Adoption Station (CCAS) to find these dogs homes!

If you are interested in adopting Brandy or Wesley please contact:

Carrie Neblett

Puppy Love Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


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Foster Dogs in Need of a Forever Home

***Home Sweet Home***

The shepherd mix pup has been adopted! Thanks for all that helped her find a forever home. There’s a new dog in need of a home. As with any pet, remember to be sure that you and the breed are a good match. Personalities are more fun when they mesh! Take care everyone and please let me know if you have a pet posting!

There are more dogs posted on the Pets page. These sweeties are currently in foster care awaiting a forever home. Please spread the word and help them find good homes. Thank you on behalf of the animals and thank you to the foster families providing care until they are matched up with a permanent place to stay. -pm

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Animal House

Many people connect with an animal at some point in their life. Dogs are loyal, kittens cuddle, and fish are soothing. Countless studies have proven that both people and their pets benefit from the relationship.

There have been days that I don’t know what I would have done without my dogs around to comfort me or put a smile on my face. I would do anything to make them as happy as they make me. They are my family. When I learn of pets needing a family  I want to help. Lots of people feel the same way, and while the first instinct is to open our own homes to animals in need of a family, it’s not always the best solution. It’s important to consider the pets that you already care for and the other family members as well. It can be hard to feed and care a whole house of animals and people!

It’s important to make sure that an orphan animal be placed with the best family. That’s why the best way to help an animal in need of a home is by spreading the word. So if you know of a pet seeking a new residence, let me know and I will gladly post it under the Pets page. Check it out now and help these sweeties find a family.

Read more about how you can help at: The Killuminati Foundation.


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Go Long

Few people are gifted with the ability to perform well athletically for a lifetime. Some people never compete and are content keeping a routine fitness program for a healthy lifestyle. Then there are the athletes that do well at several events and sometimes struggle with the decision to keep training hard or to train for life.

If everyone could win the local 5K every time, why would you want to stop? It is realistically not possible. The human body is pretty remarkable, however pushing it’s boundaries too often might not be favorable if you want to maintain it for the love of your lifelong sport.

Sometime slowing down on a run or biking on flatter terrain is the best way to preserve your body for sport. I hear stories of great athletes forced on the sidelines because of an overuse injury. I would rather run a slower pace knowing I am savoring what I already have instead of using up what I’ve got by straining myself.  Of course it would be cool if runners shook in their shorts every time I stepped up to the starting line for fear of my dust in their eyes.  However, I realize that I am not a pro and I don’t get paid for my attempt at sports. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. It just means that I’m going to reserve my right to preserve my fitness.  If I feel like running slow then by golly I am going to run slow and respect that my body lets me run at all.

Challenge is good and fun. However, just as much discipline is required when practicing restraint as is necessary for pushing to be superfluous. Both can result in a gain. Be content doing what your body can do. Work toward improvement and understand that improvement does not require constant agony. Endurance requires you to continue after you cross the finish line. 


“Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time.” 
 -Michael Sargent, M.D.

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Personal Training

runoutsideThere are enough runs, rides, and walks to keep you booked every weekend. They are a great way to stay motivated, socialize, and the entry fee money usually benefits a worthy cause. What about when you have crossed the finish line and just want to have a run for fun? Many athletes reach a point where they just want to train for the love of the sport, not for a competition.

Many people don’t understand why anybody would want to run a marathon. A lot of miles go into preparing for such event. It can be ever harder to get people to understand why a runner would want to get up before daybreak and take a long run without being “in training” for an event. Lots of people partake in fitness for the sole purpose of keeping fit and the exercise relationship stops there. There is nothing wrong with that one bit. However, certain people find a special connection with their sport. Some explain it as a spiritual part of their life, a type of meditation.

While some athletes train and race constantly, others lose some of the racing romance. This is ok – it doesn’t mean that a runner is no longer a runner or that if you aren’t racing then there is no point in training. In fact some believe that avoiding hard core races can be a healthier choice. Covert Bailey , author of Smart Exercise recommends that the best way to avoid overtraining is to never actually run in a marathon, but training for one is just fine he suggests with a tongue in cheek tone.

The most important thing to realize is that if you are fortunate enough to find a sport that you can connect with, then keep doing it for the personal satisfaction involved. Forget feeling that if you do not compete you will be lesser a runner, biker, swimmer, boxer – whatever! Remember why you began the sport. Think about the feeling you get from moving your body and appreciate the fact that you can move. If you aren’t enjoying the crowded races, or pushing yourself really hard is no longer your idea of a good time, take some time out from organized events. There is certainly nothing wrong with a little personal training once and awhile. -pm

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Focus on Fitness

sunrunFocus helps us move toward our goals. Fitness being an important part of many peoples’ lives, I wonder what helps different people maintain a focus? Many athletes have a race or performance that helps them maintain a focus. Visualization is a big tactic for athletes and anyone focusing on a particular goal. What about if you don’t compete? What helps you keep your focus?

Some people are compelled to keep their cholesterol and blood pressure low so that is a valuable motivator for them. Of course there is the battle of the bulge that keeps many people on track. Many people are compelled to keep their bodies functional – bend over and tie shoes, vacuum, mow the lawn, till the garden – and that drives them to keep care of their bodies.  All of these are good reasons, but is there more? If you don’t garden or your vitals are all in check do you just forgo fitness? Do you take for granted that it will always be easy to ties your shoes or run out to the mailbox?

Simple tasks in life are dependent on how well we care for our bodies. If we don’t keep them conditioned then over time the simple things we do, may not be so simple. Many people think that because they don’t have any desire to run a marathon then they don’t need to get any exercise.   The truth is that we all need to exercise our bodies so we may carry out the live that we work so hard to enjoy.  Finding a focus that propels us toward our fitness goals is helpful. It helps keep us on track.

Share what helps you put a focus on fitness. More than one motivator never hurts. -pm



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Show Me Love

rockandwaterMany people do things to show love and respect for their significant other. Helping with chores, errands, work are nice ways to show that you care. Wearing a certain outfit or cologne that appeals to them has a double benefit for you and your partner. How about the way you care for your health?

Many people think that when they are taking time to fit in a workout or schedule a doctors appointment that they are being selfish. Contrary, the exact opposite is true. The people that love and care for you want you to look and feel your best. If you neglect basic health management then you are actually sending the message that they are not a priority. Think back when your mom or dad had the flu when you were a kid. Didn’t it seem like the universe was out of whack? SuperParents don’t get sick! It wasn’t fun to see your parents out of commission and it was even worse when they wouldn’t stop to get the rest that they needed. If they would just slow down and rest up then they would get better faster and life would be better for everyone. It’s not that they were intentionally trying to perpetuate the situation; they most likely felt they were doing the right thing by not taking time for their own well being. If you said to your ill parent, “hey please rest”, and they refused, did you feel like your feelings were discounted?

Don’t discount the people that care about you. Care for them, respect yourself and manage your health. You will manage the rest of your life better when you feel better. -pm


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Milk is for Babies

You might be surprised to learn that the vegan diet is not unheard of to many top performing athletes. Here’s a quick list from wikipedia:

Many people are afraid of what they might be giving up if they commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Surprisingly, many find that they discover a way of living and eating that they were missing out on. Recovery fuel is very important after a workout. Several athletes turn to sports drinks to replace electrolytes and restore glycogen that gets depleted during activity. For a while milk was campaigning that it was the perfect way to recharge after a workout. It’s not.  Nor is it a prime selection for the average human being.  Just for a moment, forget everything that you’ve been brought up believing about milk.  Now think about your strong, energetic dog who can play fetch endlessly without growing as tired as your pitching arm.  When Fido was a puppy he drank milk from his mother.  The puppy drank dog’s milk; not cat’s milk, not cow’s milk, or any other milk produced by any other animal. Once Fido grows out of the puppy stage and can safely survive without his mothers milk then he gets his nutrition from solid food sources and when he is thirsty – yep, water.  No, he doesn’t go seeking out any milk sources from any other living being.

Then same goes for all animals.  Babies need their mothers milk, but beyond that they survive and thrive without milk products. Milk allergies are actually very common in adults. The idea that a person’s nutrition or sports performancde will suffer with out milk is a false notion.  There are plenty of nutrients in the fresh diet that athletes and active people should be consuming.  Check out the Vegan Athlete for ideas.  Vegetarian Sports Nutrition is a book that suggests meal plans for activities ranging from endurance sports to bodybuilding.  Even if you are not wanting to go vegan, variety it the spice of life.  Please your palate with something new and don’t be afraid to question what and why you put something into your body.  Just because it’s been done for decades doesn’t mean it has to be done anymore. Viva vegan, viva happy! -pm

“When you have no restrictions you have less options” -David T. Wilcox on being vegan.

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