Pets Needing Homes

This is a quick post because these dogs need rescueing ASAP. Pictures and details will follow soon or email me for more info. Thanks!

Oscar – neutered, 3 year old male shepherd mix, extremely sweet and loving – gives lots of kisses and wiggles/dances for you while he smiles. Oscar was brought in with another dog who is no longer there.

*Rome – this sweet boy really touched my heart, and I’m working hard for him! When I walked by his cell block, he was all the way in the back farthest corner curled up in a ball shaking. I opened his gate and sat down with my hand out. It took a few minutes, but he creeped up to me all the while trembling from fear – once he sniffed me and finally got comfortable with me, Rome sat on my lap and snuggled up to my neck. He’s a very sweet boy – scared and nervous – but loves to cuddle. Because of his nerves and shyness, he will need more socialization and patience – but he’s a lover and a great cuddle bug. I’m unsure on the age – I think he’s young – I couldn’t look at his teeth b/c I didn’t want to scare him too much. But he’s pretty little – emaciated – and needs some TLC.

*On a side note, if you know anyone looking for a small dog – they have a pug (female – few yrs old), a Shihtzu female young, terrier adult male, terrier young female, and a yorkie mix young female.

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Brandy and Wesley

Brandy is a Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is approx. 1yr old. There is a scar on her back. They think she might have been abused before they found her. She is very loving and gets along with other dogs, as you can see, she’s hanging out with Wesley.

Wesley is a Husky mix. He is about 1yr old. He is very friendly and loves to be around people.

The Killuminati Foundation is teaming up with Canines ‘N Cats Adoption Station (CCAS) to find these dogs homes!

If you are interested in adopting Brandy or Wesley please contact:

Carrie Neblett

Puppy Love Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


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Physical Freedom

Physical freedom is valuable and should not be taken for granted. Many people regret disrespecting their bodies after physical limitations are forced upon them. Ward off restrictions by making physical activity a part of your lifestyle.

“Use it or lose it.” The phrase applies to mind and body. If we don’t practice the exercises that we wish to keep sharp, they become dull. Unfortunately, to some people physical fitness has gotten a bad rap for being a terrible chore. Change such thoughts!

Realize that physically training the body is maintenance. It should be something that you do on a regular basis, it doesn’t need to be tortous to be effective. Do things you like to do. Find a way to like getting active. Think about how unhappy you would be if you could not do the things could do before with ease.  Perphaps then a daily run or walk might not seem too bad. -pm

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Skip The Gym For Better Health part II

People are always looking for ways to save money and get fit. Many think that a gym pass is a promise for fitter figure. Buff bodies require a commitment that can be achieved without an expensive gym price tag.

Last time in Skip The Gym For Better Health part 1 I listed some of the reasons to skip the gym and workout at home. Today, I want to offer some suggestions that let you to get in shape at home without feeling like you need to turn your living room into a cardio or weight room.

As I mentioned before, the gym is great for some. However if you’re like me, I don’t want the fate of my fitness to be dependent on someone else. I want the freedom be fit anytime, anywhere – independent from a fitness club. The #1 cheapest, easiest cardio is walking and running. Get some descent shoes and off you go. There is no reason in this world that people can’t go for a walk every day.

For what you would pay in fees at a gym you can invest in weights, jump rope, eventually a treadmill or elliptical machine. Then they are yours for use whenever. The weights and jump rope can be stored under the bed, a closet, or garage and never be in your way. Of course the larger equipment will need some space, but having your own equipment is worth sparing the space.

Biking gets you outside for fresh air, hiking works muscles that you might have forgotten about, and swimming is a great full body workout. Fitness and nutrition is preventative and maintenance medicine. It is worth the money that you put into it, it just doesn’t have to be an excessive amount of money. -pm

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Personal Training

runoutsideThere are enough runs, rides, and walks to keep you booked every weekend. They are a great way to stay motivated, socialize, and the entry fee money usually benefits a worthy cause. What about when you have crossed the finish line and just want to have a run for fun? Many athletes reach a point where they just want to train for the love of the sport, not for a competition.

Many people don’t understand why anybody would want to run a marathon. A lot of miles go into preparing for such event. It can be ever harder to get people to understand why a runner would want to get up before daybreak and take a long run without being “in training” for an event. Lots of people partake in fitness for the sole purpose of keeping fit and the exercise relationship stops there. There is nothing wrong with that one bit. However, certain people find a special connection with their sport. Some explain it as a spiritual part of their life, a type of meditation.

While some athletes train and race constantly, others lose some of the racing romance. This is ok – it doesn’t mean that a runner is no longer a runner or that if you aren’t racing then there is no point in training. In fact some believe that avoiding hard core races can be a healthier choice. Covert Bailey , author of Smart Exercise recommends that the best way to avoid overtraining is to never actually run in a marathon, but training for one is just fine he suggests with a tongue in cheek tone.

The most important thing to realize is that if you are fortunate enough to find a sport that you can connect with, then keep doing it for the personal satisfaction involved. Forget feeling that if you do not compete you will be lesser a runner, biker, swimmer, boxer – whatever! Remember why you began the sport. Think about the feeling you get from moving your body and appreciate the fact that you can move. If you aren’t enjoying the crowded races, or pushing yourself really hard is no longer your idea of a good time, take some time out from organized events. There is certainly nothing wrong with a little personal training once and awhile. -pm

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O, Yes I Can Be Fit For Life

jumphigh“O yes I can” live an Ellen/ Oprah lifestyle and beyond! I will use visualization like Ellen did to land the cover of Oprah’s magazine to live a better life and to make better lives for the people around me.

That is a piece from and it talks about visualization, like Ellen used, to reach your goals in life. I thought it was appropriate for Physical Matters too. As we get age, many people just accept our bodies to become worn out and useless. It doesn’t have to be this way! A lot of people who realize later in life that they need to get fit begin improving their lifestyle. They exercise, eat better, and many say that they are fitter at 40 than they were at 20. This is fantastic and it can happen for everyone.

O, yes you can be fit for life. If you are fit now, stay that way. If you need to work on it, get that way. It can be done. Don’t picture yourself getting “old”. Refuse to be unable to bend over and pick up something on the floor. See yourself doing the activities you enjoy doing. Picture yourself on the tennis court or walking your dogs at every age in your life. Forget the idea that you must give up looking and feeling young because you have another birthday. This day in age is the best time to be older and enjoy it. Gone are the days where men and women are afraid of the big 3-0. These days girls are glad to be smart and fit at 40. Men are proud to exercise and eat healthy at 50.

So wipe out that image of an old person and see the fit you that you are meant to live. Hold the vision of a youthful, happy person in your mind and you will reach goals that you thought were reserved for kids. Visualize good things and better you shall be. Say it and mean it – O, yes I can be fit for life! -pm


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Surprise!!! Motivation to Weigh Right Now!

melindaIn the last post titled Weigh Right Now I suggested that one way to keep motivated was to study up on how other people make life changes.  This is a picture of Melinda. Don’t let the adorable smile fool you, she is not a model or advertising for any products. It’s merely a photo of her progress. I’ve known Melinda for several years and she’s always enjoyed being active.  We’ve cycled together and been on nature walks, too. Like many young women she faced obstacles to stay on the fitness track as she went about living her life.

The details of life, including moving, injuries, budgets, and work, created  issues that sometimes got in the way of a fitness routine. Melinda was determined to get fit for a healthy life. She is the kind of person that likes to be healthy so she can do the activities that she enjoys, not to be the skinnest girl in the room.

When Melinda e-mailed her picture titled “Surprise”, I could feel her enthusisam. I asked her if I could use the picture in hopes to encourage other people. I have also asked her to share some notes with readers about her weightloss. Her scheldule is pretty packed, workouts are a priority – but she promises to share some of her tips soon. She keeps saying, “I feel great!” I want other people to feel the same excitement.

If you have questions for Melinda about her success please e-mail If you have suggestions that have worked for you please share. Inspiration is for every body! -pm

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Great Escape

floatingbookThe weekend is approaching and so are longer days and warmer weather. The dull, drab days are almost behind us and crisp, breezy mornings are on the rise. A lot of people feel the need to escape the daily pressures of life no matter what the weather is like outside. It’s good for the soul to escape, change pace. What are your options for getting away, when in reality, you can’t just fly away every time the mood strikes?

Personally physical activity is one of my favorites. Walking or a bike ride lets my mind think and my eyes see from another perspective. Another good one is reading. Reading was not always a favorite pastime for me. After years of reading what I had to for school, I did as little reading as possible for recreation.  I have always been a slow reader so by the time I got through the required reading, I had little interest in trying to read for fun. With the right enticement a good author will catch my attention and I can get lost in a great story. It’s a fantastic way to escape. My emotions get to come alive in a private world where nothing really changes but I’m envisioning and feeling another life.

Picking a good fiction story is hard for me. I prefer quick, easy reads – usually non-fiction. However, I keep trying to find stories that let me escape. Stories that I look forward to reading and where I find it hard to put down the book. Next time you want to escape, don’t forget how powerful our minds are and that a great book might give you the escape you need. If you have a hard time picking out books, don’t be afraid to try a variety. Try mystery, short stories, or a collection of poetry. Don’t let the way it’s categorized affect your selection either. Two of the books I recently read were written by writers who’s books were filed in the young adult section. Hey, if my escape is fun and youthful than so be it. -pm

Here are a few suggestions:

Miss Popularity by Francesco Sedita

Privileged (Former title How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls) by Zoey Dean

Introduction by Trina VerSteeg Wilcox

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Office Space

smilestickersBeing physically sound requires patience and understanding for our own self and for those around us.  Most of the time when people begin a workout routine their peers are cheering loud.  However, when the person is successful with their new, healthy lifestyle some of those fans take a detour down the road.

It’s hard to understand why people fall away from being supportive at another’s success.  Jealousy is the first reason that comes to mind. Whatever the case may be it’s disappointing that there are people who feel the need to banter another person for trying to better their situation. The office is a good example of how a group of people can either boost or burst a co-worker’s esteem in less time than a department meeting lasts. Maybe you’ve seen a co-worker, or been the person, that decides to skip a group lunch to take a walk. The person makes choices that they feel are necessary to improve his or her life. Not saying good humor should ever be banned, but many times too much unnecessary jeering takes place. Some go as far as to accuse the healthy behavior as an eating disorder or a waste of time.  Jokes and having fun are great – and good for you – but are some things that just don’t need to be said.

Be considerate of other peoples feelings – especially around a group of people. Someone making any effort to improve their lifestyle should never be embarrassed. If there is genuine concern for the persons health then find a private, tactful way to inquire.

If you are the person that is getting teased, stay firm with your beliefs. Getting and staying healthy is wonderful. It feels good and we want everyone to experience it. However, be respectful of another persons life style. Try not to brag of your accomplishments. Having a support network is important, just realize that it needs to come from the right people. Your donut adoring co-workers might not care that you found a healthy way to make your favorite dish, maybe they have applauded already after you finished your first “10k marathon”. Not everyone understands the attempt at a particular lifestyle. Not everyone is ready to maintain a workout routine or lower fat from their diet. It’s fine to share but be cautious of preaching. Remember that practicing patience and tolerance is as much as a health enhancement as a good run. -pm


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5 Tips to Get Back On The Workout Saddle

runoutside1It can happen to anybody and it is ok! Oprah admitted to falling off the workout wagon. Many people experience a break in their workout routine and more than once.  Some are just short breaks and others are months on end of little to no physical activity.  Stop making excuses and get back into a routine.  Here’s a few tips to get you going.

1. Quit Cold Turkey – with the excuses.  The time that you put into thinking about why you stopped working out, you could be out walking.

2. Dust off the log – if you had a workout log/journal then get it back out. Reviewing your accomplishments will remind you of the great achievements you gained.  Start a brand new one and be loyal to jotting a few quick notes about your fitness and use it to keep you committed.

3. Keep your focus – when you have a goal do what you have to do to get it. Stick up inspirational pictures and quotes that push and keep you on track.

4. Shut out the noise – negative suggestions come from everywhere.  You, friends, family, even strangers and negative suggestions are not always intended.  Be bull-headed towards getting your goal and ignore the donut pushers and the workout time stealers.

5. Accept the truth – remember that you are human. Life gets busy and sometimes we make poor choices.  Move on! Don’t dwell on why you messed up, just move forward. Get the workout routine back on track because it’s important to be healty. 

Get your body in condition so you can play outside or bend over to simply tie your shoes! Fitness is for everyone – the thin, the thick, and the in between.  It is not about obtaining a body that is too muscle maxed or super skinny mini, but having a fit, functional figure. -pm

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